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Cherry blossom in Wuhan University

It’s time to enjoy the sight of cherry. The best place to enjoy the sight of cherry is Wuhan University. The flowers open in mid March and reach peak in the end of March. The florescence of cherry is short, only 13-20 days. During the time, millions of visitors from all over the country come to the Cherry Avenue to admire the beauty. Some photographers take pictures to memorize the scenery.
There are more than one thousand oriental cherry in Wuhan University, mainly including Japanese cherry, Cerasus serrulata, Cerasus subhirtella, and Cerasus cerasoides. Cherry Garden in Wuhan University is the best place to enjoy those beautiful flowers. There are all oriental cherry as far as the eye can see when they are in full bloom. The garden is carpeted with cherry blossom, just like a sea of flowers. Because of different florescence, kinds of cherry blossom open in succession. The cherry blossoms, flourish and delicate fragrance, like a snow, people all get drunk in the beauty. Besides, there is a cherry avenue in the college. Millions of cherry blossoms are in full bloom on both sides of the avenue, guiding people to welcome spring.
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