The landscape of Huangshan Mountain
Huangshan Mountain probably is the most charming and picturesque natural and cultural heritage in China. Well-known as The Miniascape of God, Huangshan Mountain boasts is largely welcome and popular at home and abroad. Huangshan Mountain is one of China's hottest tourist destinations in the world!


A Legendary City:
Mountainous City, Riverside City, Flaming City, Foggy City...This is Chongqing! The famous writer Yu Qiuyu has said: The essence of prosperous Tang Dynasty (618 to 907 AD) lies in the poems rather than the beautiful princesses, queens or the ambitious emperors. Among these respectable poets, the most well-known ones Li Bai, Du Fu had written many poems about this city. It is also the right place that King Liu Bei in the Three Kingdoms Period (220 to 280, AD) entrusted his little son to Zhuge Liang, a liege vassal of him, when he was going to die. Nowadays elites of human resource administration always make research on the way how Liu Bei did to manage those great minds like Zhuge Liang and build his kingdom