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Description :The 12 days tour is specially tailor-made for foreign travelers who are curious about what kind of life the ordinary Chinese people are leading. The tour offers you an opportunity to step close to a typical Chinese family and get to know about multiple aspects of their life: education, custom, traditions, marriage, family and life concepts, etc. All the information you get will be real and original. Also you will be able to learn Chinese home cooking and Tai Chi practice during your stay in China.
Tour Code : HZEDU-01
Price : from US$1317 p/p
Departure Date : You choose

Day 1

Hangzhou   (D)

Hangzhou , is a beautiful city on the southeastern coast of China, which has a reputation of Heaven on Earth.  Our English speaking guide will meet you at Hangzhou airport, holding a welcome sign of Absolute China Tours with your name on it. After a brief introduction, the guide will escort you to the home-stay family or the hotel. Later on, a welcome dinner will be served by the host family or Fortune House (Zhi Fu Men). Fortune House is a European style restaurant with reasonable price and delicious Chinese food.

Day 2

Hangzhou   (B, L, D)

Visits : Chinese Traditional Medicine Hall of Guangxingtang, West Lake

After breakfast you will begin your educational tour with a two-hour Tai Chi Class by the West Lake. You will have a private teacher instructing you hand over hand. After the class, enjoy a half -hour biking tour along Su Causeway named after Su Shi, a famous poet in Song Dynasty (960–~1279 AD), who wrote a number of good poems; many of them have been included in Chinese text books.

Have lunch at Zhi Wei Guan Restaurant on Renhe Road,(try the Zhiweiguan´s Steamed Buns and Cat´s Ear Noodles). After lunch take a short boat ride on the West Lake. Then move on to a local kindergarten. The interactions between you and the children will help you to learn something about their pre-school education.

Before being transferred back to the lodging, you will pay a visit to Guang Xing Tang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. There you will learn about Chinese medicine and its concept. You may see how people are treated with traditional Chinese medication. Have dinner at New Unicorn  4F Dining Room (Xin Qi Lin Ge) with an open balcony where you may have the opportunity to view the charming Hangzhou night. After dinner you will be transferred back to the host family or the hotel.

Day 3

Hangzhou   (B, L, D)

After enjoying your breakfast take a two-hour Tai Chi class near Yellow Dragon Cave Park. After the class you can have a leisurely walk inside this park where you can appreciate the Yue Opera, a popular local art form, in the open air.

Lunch will be served at the restaurant of the Lily Hotel, which provides both Chinese foods and western foods. After lunch, we will drive you to Da Guan Primary School -it is the most famous local primary school in Hangzhou city for its tradition of teaching kids to play traditional Chinese musical instruments. You will be guided around the school and talk with the teachers and students there. A short musical performance will be put on as a warm welcome to you.

Enjoy Dinner at the Be For Time Restaurant Hongshi Branch(Zhu Jia Zhuang Bi Feng Tang), which is a Hong Kong tea restaurant offering nice but pricier snacks. Then be transferred back to your host family or the hotel and enjoy free time on your own.

Day 4

Hangzhou   (B, L, D)

After enjoying your breakfast take a Tai Chi class on Wushan Hill. After the class you will visit Southern Song Royal Kiln Museum. It is a ceramics-themed museum built on the site of an ancient royal kiln displaying the pottery and porcelain antiques of South Song Dynasty (960–~1279 AD). Many of them belonged to the Song imperial family.

Enjoy lunch at Hong Ni Sha Guo Restaurant, which is the epitome of ‘Hangzhou Big Restaurant’ with a reputed 400 staff, 1000 settings and a huge menu showing off all of Hangzhou’s favorites. Afterwards visit the China Silk Museum and find out about the origination, history and major categories of silk as well as the development of silk manufacturing in China. After the visit you will be guided to the former residence of Mr. Hu Xueyan, an extremely successful merchant in the 1870s. He is considered the richest man at the end of Qing Dynasty. His former residence is a huge garden-style architectural complex covering an area of 7200 sqm. Its construction took over three years and cost around 500,000 silver taels  by estimation. Mr.Hu lived here together with his 13 wives. You will be told stories about his life and why he ended up poor and miserable. Then enjoy a walk along Hefang Street. It is a replica of an ancient street and is lined with a number of souvenir shops. On the street stands the famous Chinese Herbal Medicine Museum –- the Hu Qing Yu Tang Drug Store. It was founded by Mr. Hu Xueyan (1823–~1885) in 1874.

Have your buffet dinner including unlimited soft drinks at Butterfly Laguna Restaurant (Hu Die). After dinner our guide will take you to Nanshan Road, a famous bar street in Hangzhou. Spend an hour or two there. Eudora Station is a well-reputed bar on Nanshan Road. It address is No. 101 Nanshan Road. The average spending there is around 100 yuan per person. Then you will be transferred back to the host family or the hotel.

Day 5

Hangzhou   (B, L, D)

This morning you will have a look at a typical English corner in Hangzhou. You may join the English learners and have conversations with them. The students will be very happy to practice English with you. After that your Tai Chi class will commence at No. 6 Westlake Park. Practice Tai Chi for two hours. Have lunch at Xian Tian Yuan Restaurant, which features  Northeast Chinese dishes.

After lunch you will go to our well-selected Chinese cooking school to learn Chinese cooking. A private chef will give you face- to- face demonstrations on Chinese cooking. You will be taught to cook two or three traditional Chinese dishes. Moreover, the dishes cooked will be served to you as dinner. Finally be transferred back to your lodging.

Day 6

Hangzhou   (B, L)

After enjoying your breakfast you will take a day excursion to Longmen Town in Fuyang County. It is about 50 km away from Hangzhou. It is an age-old town where most of the houses and buildings that have been well preserved throughout the centuries and still retain their original ancient architectural style. A great number of them can be traced back to Ming & Qing dDynasties (1368–~1911 AD). Following your guide, walk around the old town. We are sure you will end up your visit with more profound knowledge of the history behind this old town.

Taste local dishes in Happy Farmer´s House. After lunch continue to visit China Ancient Paper-making and Printing Culture Village. You will have a look at a paper-making factory. There you will know about how our ancient Chinese people made paper. Then drive back to Hangzhou.

No arrangement is made for tonight including the dinner.

Day 7

Hangzhou   (B, L, D)

After enjoying your breakfast take Tai Chi class near the Broken Bridge. Broken Bridge is well-known because it has witnessed the legendary love story between Lady White Snake and the young man Xu Xian. After class, stroll along Beishan Road by the West Lake; the most romantic road in Hangzhou.

Have lunch at Grandma´s Kitchen on Hushu Road, which is everybody´s favorite here in Hangzhou and features in The Chicken in Green Tea Flavor pot. After lunch, you visit Hangzhou School for Senior Citizens. It was founded for the old aged local residents aiming to enrich their retired life and fulfill their needs for further education. In the school you will have a chance to learn the traditional Chinese painting with brush pen. After that you will visit Zhangxiaoquan Scissors Factory and Wangxingji Fan Factory; China´s time-honored brands for scissors and fan. You will be guided to their work shops and have a look at the entire manufacturing process.

Dinner will be arranged at Lu Gang Cha Yu Restaurant in Taiwan style. The Stewed Chicken with Three Cups Sauce is a must. After dinner you will either head for Hangzhou Theater to listen to a live concert according to availability, or go to the downtown center to experience the local shopping atmosphere in Hangzhou. Then you will be transferred back to the host family house or your hotel.

Day 8

Hangzhou   (B, L, D)

Visits : Lingyin Temple

After breakfast begin your Tai Chi class in Solitary Hill Island Park. When the class ends, you will go to Solitary Hill and have a leisurely walk along Bai Causeway which is named after Bai Juyi, a great poet of Tang Dynasty (618–~907 AD).

Enjoy native Hangzhounese lunch at Jiu Jiu Yuan Farmer´s Restaurant. This afternoon you will pay a visit to Lingyin Temple. It is one of the most popular Buddhist temples nationwide in Hangzhou. Both local people and tourists from around the world come to pray for blessings. The hill of Peak Fflying fFrom Afar is located in front of the temple. It is a cave rock with ancient Buddhist stone carvings. Then move to Dragon Well Tea Plantation to taste the finest green tea and visit China Tea Museum where you will learn more about tea culture in China.

This evening you will go to the famous food bazaar in Hangzhou to taste the local snack and seafood to experience a special nightlife with locals. Then you will be transferred back to the host family house or your hotel.

Day 9

Hangzhou   (B, L, D)

Visits : Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal

After breakfast take a Tai Chi class in a lakeside park called Orioles Singing in the Willows in the morning . Then  walk inside the park.

Have lunch at Kui Yuan Guan Restaurant, which is a famous noodle restaurant in Hangzhou established in 1867. This afternoon you will visit Dujingsheng Silk Brocade Mill. You will become acquainted with the history of the silk brocade and given an opportunity to watch the silk brocade being woven. Later on you will visit Hangzhou Grand Canal Museum. Grand Canal is the oldest canal in the world and is still in use. It was added into the World Cultural Heritage list in June 2014. Hangzhou Grand Canal is one of the greatest sections of the Grand Canal. The canal connects four provinces along China’s east coast linking Hangzhou in the south and Beijing in the north with a total of 1794 km. The Grand Canal made a great contribution to the development of the country in the ancient time. The museum houses many interesting exhibits and relics to satisfy visitors′ expectation.

Have dinner at Qing Teng Tea House where you can spend your evening there enjoying tea and snacks, listening to ancient music of China, etc. It is a good place for hanging out with friends. Then you will be transferred back to the host family house or your hotel.

Day 10

Hangzhou   (B, L, D)

Visits : Six Harmony Pagoda

After breakfast you will take your last Tai Chi class in Long Bridge Park. After class we will hold a certificate presentation ceremony to certify that your hard work and good performance have qualified yourself for Tai Chi practice. Then visit Nanshan Road and West Lake Museum.

Have lunch at CHAMATE (Yi Cha Yi Zuo) Restaurant Lixing Branch. CHAMATE restaurant with a fashionable style not only provides natural, tasty, healthy Chinese cuisine, but also a comfortable, trendy and high quality atmosphere. After lunch you will visit Six Harmonies Pagoda. Ascend to the top of the pagoda to enjoy a bird´s- eye- view of the surrounding areas. Then visit Song Dynasty Theme Park. It is a very interesting park where you can see all the staff there is dressed as ancient people. Wandering inside, you may easily feel as if you were transferred to ancient China through the tunnel of space and time. Then you will taste the local snacks in the park.

After dinner, enjoy a fantastic cultural dancing show there. Then you will be transferred back to the host family house or your hotel.

Day 11

Hangzhou   (B, L, D)

This morning you will take a trip to Wuzhen Ancient Water Village. It will take about 90 minutes to drive there. The village is a famous water town where many old things that are dying out in modern times remain well preserved. You will visit the traditional Wine Workshops, Dye House, Folk Custom Museum and Shadow Puppet Theater. Take a short boat ride over the small river which goes through the village and see the old folk houses on the river banks. They all feature gray tiles and whitewashed walls. It is a typical architectural style once popular in the south of China.

After lunch at Han Lin Fu Di Restaurant with the best environment and local foods there, you will be driven back to Hangzhou. At night enjoy farewell dinner with the host family.

Day 12

Hangzhou   (B)

Today get your things packed and you will be transferred to the airport for your homeward flight.
Say goodbye to the guide and driver. The fantastic education tour ends in Hangzhou airport. Safe journey home!

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