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Find travel partners to share interests and save cost. A group of 10 will have a complimentary tour escort to make your trip more enjoyable

and worry-free.

China Travel Deals

Many people are looking for   travel deals before their trip to China. We believe you may find a good China travel deal here that suits

you best.

If you're looking for a great guide to the best and most interesting tourist attractions in China, then allow us to show you China from the inside.

Make your trip to China a memorable experience by availing lucrative vacation packages from Absolute China Tours. We arrange trips and offer separate packages and services like Tibet Adventure package, China city vacation package and personalized China vacation package for small groups and families. We deliver great traveling services and promise to provide full hospitality to you.

China Vacation Packages and Tours

Looking for a vacation packages in China? Absolute China Tours offers a wide variety of quality and personalized China Vacation packages and services. No matter what you are traveling to China for and what you are interested in, you can expect a unique China Vacation travel experience

On a business trip with limited time? Want to take an in-depth look at the destination or just enjoy a getaway to the surroundings, check our China Vacations on Single City Tours.
china city vacations
We’ve created hundreds of China tour packages for you to choose. If you can’t find one which is exactly what you want, just contact us and we will be happy to customize a unique package of China Vacations for you.
personalized china vacation packages
For cruise lovers, China Vacations by a Yangtze River Cruise tour will be unforgettable.
Yangtze River Cruise Vacations
Travel to the World Roof, touch the holy land and be close to the unique Tibetan culture. It will be absolutely a very special travel experience in your lifetime by choosing this program of China Vacations.
Tibet Adventure
Absolute China Tours offers best deals on China hotels and vacation packages.
China Travel Deals

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