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Zhuang Nationality Cuisine, Reason to Love Guangxi

Zhuang cuisine is characterized by fresh, spicy, aromatic and slightly sour flavor. Rice and corn constitute the staple food. Glutinous rice snacks and rice wine come in great varieties and hold significant status in the realm of Zhuang cuisine. Even frogs, dogs, insects and snakes are processed into delicious delicacies, let alone meats like pork, beef, mutton, chicken, duck and goose.

Zhuang people put almost everything into their earthenwares, such as bamboo shoots, chili pepper and carrot. They are especially good at cooking Sanqi(Panax notoginseng) which abound in Wenshan state Yunnan Province, China. Dishes made from the flowers and roots of this herbal plant boast magical medicinal properties.

Typical cooking methods include roasting, stir-frying and boiling. To preserve their fresh flavor, most dishes are not overcooked. For Zhuang people, dinner brings the whole family together, during this golden time they can relax totally after a day’s hard work. Hence, it overtakes breakfast and lunch as the most sumptuous one.
zhuang people cuisine

Top Representative Dishes

La Xue Wang(辣血旺): it is made of chicken and chili pepper. Top chicken breast meat and a local vinegar named Qicu(Seven Flavor Vinegar) hold the key to its success. Qicu is made from top grade rice wine. Mingled with red sugar, salt, fruits and star anise, it will be sealed to ferment for one week, hence it name. Featuring tender and soft, numbing spicy, slippery and aromatic flavor, it is served as the first cold dish during summer and autumn, and you will fall in love with Zhuang cuisine at a first bite.
 zhuang nationality laxuewangzhuang people bronze ddrum chicken 
 La Xue Wang Bronze Drum Chicken
zhuang people roasted porkglutinous rice dumplings zongzi zhuang people
Zhuang People Roasted PigGlutinous Rice Dumplings Zongzi

Bahang Chicken Hotpot(Sour Soup Chicken Hotpot,岜夯鸡): it is a must-eat in Guangnan county, Yunnan province. “Bahang” means “sour soup” in Zhuang language. To prepare this dish, a rooster weighing no more than 1.5kg will be butchered, sliced into pieces and seasoned with various spices. Then, it will be stewed in the sour soup. You can put everything into the bubbling broth, such as mushroom, vegetables, tofu, rice dumplings and kelp. This hotpot lures food-obsessed populace for its fresh, slightly sour and lingering aftertaste.
bahang chicken hotpot zhuang cuisine

Torch Pork(火把肉):Inspired by Torch Festival, this dish enjoys great popularity both home and abroad. Who can imagine simple ingredients like pork, egg and lard can be transformed into heavenly delicacy in several minutes.
zhuang people food
zhuang people torch porkzhuang people torch pork

 Ginger Hare (子姜野兔肉): Rabbit meat is an excellent source of protein, it can lower blood pressure, beautify skin, enhance immune system and help us to lose weight. This dish will grace each dining table of Zhuang peopld during Mid Autumn Festival.
zhuang nationality ginger rabbit
Ginger Hare

Zhuang Style Roasted Duck(壮家烧鸭): Though out-famed by Beijing Roasted Duck, Zhuang Style Roasted Duck will refresh you instantly with its crispy skin, juicy texture, mellow and spicy flavor as well as haunting aftertaste. A duck will be plucked and got rid of the internal organs at first. Then it will be coated with a thick layer of condiments such as sugar, wine and salt. Filled with ginger, garlic, soybean sauce and MSG, it will be roasted till the skin adopts golden luster. The secret is to rotate it constantly to ensure top quality. If you hate MSG, you have better inform the chef in advance.
zhuang people roasted duck

Sashimi from HengXian(横县鱼生): Hengxian County lies in Nanning City, the capital of Guangxi province. Since it is created, Hengxian Sashimi is a refined upscale gourmet reserved for the most distinguish guests. Sliced into paper-thin pieces and highlighted by a variety of herbs and sauces, you will enjoy these edible art masterpieces to your hearts’ content.
hengxian sashimi zhuang nationality food

Snacks made from Glutinous Rice

Banana Leaf Ciba(蕉叶糍): On the second day of the second lunar month, Zhuang people in Guangxi province will make a special snack named Banana Leaf Ciba. Green banana leaves are gathered to contain pearl white glutinous rice before being molded into cute shapes. When steamed for around one hour, a fabulous mixed fragrance will fill the air and seduces you to have a bite.

Five Color Glutinous Rice(五色糯米饭): Nutritional and delicious, Five Color Glutinous Rice is an auspicious food symbolizing good harvest in the eye of Zhuang people. Plants and fruits are minced to dye them into black, grey, yellow, purple and white, hence its name. It prevails widely among Zhuang and Miao people. Any festival such as Tomb Sweeping Festisval, Sanyuesan(Gexu Festival) and Si Yue Ba, Dragon Boat Festival and Buffalo King Festival won’t be complete without it. It is used to pay homage to ancestor and entertain guests. Miao people centered on Kaili, Guizhou use it during Sisters’ Meal Festival to give hint to their sweethearts.
 zhuang nationality five color glutinous rice  zhuang nationality five color glutinous rice
 Five Color Glutinous Rice Five Color Glutinous Rice
 zhuang nationality food zhuang nationality food

Fried Glutinous Rice Dumplings Zongzi(壮家油炸粽):From the first to the third day of the first lunar month, Zhuang people in Pingbian County, south of Yunnan province will prepare this festival snack. Tomato, sugar, sesame oil and raw Zongzi are needed to make this local treat.
Hunchback Glutinous Rice Dumplings Zongzi

During Dragon Boat Festival, Zhuang New Year or Chinese Spring Year, each Zhuang household will prepare Hunchback Rice Dumplings Zongzi weighing from 0.5kg to 1.5kg. Filled with grea bean paste or pork, it is very delicious.
Fengmo Rice(风莫饭)

In Jingxi County, Guangxi, Zhuang people eat Fengmo Rice during the first lunar month. Fengmo Rice is a giant Rice Dumpling Zongzi. Glutinous rice will be soaked into water for one night, and then mingled with assorted spices and seasonings. After that, it will be filled with green beans, bacon or pig knuckles. In Lantern Festival, married girls will come home and enjoy this delicacy with their parents to show filial piety.
zhuang people zongzi
 Hunchback Glutinous Rice Dumplings Zongzi
zhuang people zongzi king

Rice Wine, soaked with internal organs

Rice Wine is consumed substantially in south China. Zhuang people are no exception. However, they are more innovative to create new species by put the inner organs of chicken or pigs into it. If you want to embark on culinary adventure in Guangxi, start from a brave sip of this alcohol. You are expected to empty the cup in a breath and take the time to chew the crunchy internal organs.
Bronze Drum Wine

Wenshan Prefecture, Yunnan is heavily populated by Zhuang people. It draws worldwide attention due to the large number of bronze drums of peerless craftsmanship, ancient history and top quality. Bronze culture, a cultural symbol of Zhuang people, is manifested through Bronze Drum Singing, Bronze Drum Dancing and Bronze Drum Drinking. In Nahong Village, Badaoshao Township, Wenshan Prefecture, Yunnan, villages still cling to the ancient traditions and beliefs through drinking Bronze Drum Wine which involves an interesting ritual.
zhuang people rice wine
 Bronze Drum Culture of Zhuang People
zhuang people snack
 Rice Cakes
zhuang nationality five spice worms
Zhuang Nationality Food
zhuang people beef


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