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Xuzhou Travel Guide

smal-sized tomb figures Xuzhou is the second largest city in Jiangsu Province. Xuzhou is located in the northwest part of Jiangsu Province. It is surrounded by four provinces. In the north there is Henan Province and Shandong Province, in west area, Anhui Province and in south is rest of Jiangsu Province. Due to its unique locations, it is the important place for military arrangement. Xuzhou is one of the nine central cities in ancient China, because the ancient China once was administratively divided into Nine Zones (in Chinese Pinyin : Jiuzhou). Xuzhou is roughly located in the center of China and in the past Liyungang city was its subsidiary city as the east guard.

Xuzhou is indeed a cultural and historical city in China.It has a very long history and colorful culture which are easily discovered in the local life and buildings. Xuzhou is the center of

Han-dynasty culture

 . And Xuzhou is also the origin of emperors. In Chinese history there are more than 11 emperors came out from Xuzhou. Liu Bang, as the first emperor and the founder of Han dynasty was the representative. As for this reason, there are many famous tombs and Mausoleums discovered here, and a lot of cultural and historical relics are the record-breaking discoveries in China. Xuzhou Musuem is a very important museum in China with many rare and valuable relics and real things to show the glory of Xuzhou in the past. The jade culture and tomb culture, the small-sized warriors of the Han Dynasty(it could be considered to be the small-sized Terracotta warriors in Xian, but more delicate and refined), the armies and the copper culture here are very important, which play the important role in Chinese ancient civilization. To this museum, many rare antiques are often lent to the national museum for international exhibitions.Xuzhou tombs of the Han Dynasty also give many people the amazement. Many fabulous things and antiques as well as the customs are found here; nowadays it has become the center or base of ancient culture research and discovery. This is a national-level cultural and historic city in China in the earliest time. In the past, the

Yellow River

 went across the city. Actually Xuzhou is a lucky city in China, because there are fewer natural disasters except the wars and Yellow-River flood. In fact, Xuzhou is a city established on many very old downtowns which were flooded and submerged by waters. Many famous ancient architectures and relics are all buried in the sands and under the earth. This is truly athe" living" Jade of Han dynasty acting as the  representative  of Xuzhou Museum n antique city, and equally famous and historic with its neighbor, Luo Yang. The famous attraction in the downtown are numerous, the famous ones are Hubushanzhuang (户部山庄) and Ximatai(戏马台). As for the local customs and festivals, they are also very attractive and traditional. The local accent language, the buildings and the operas are also very historic.

Moreover, Xuzhou is the historic city for its war history, in history many famous battles happened here, the most important one up to now was

Huaihai Battle

&Nbsp;when the Xuzhou acted as the battlefield and the headquarters of Kuomintang army. Xuzhou is also one of the important energy resources base and the industrial base as well as the engineering machinery base. It own China’s largest engineering machinery group named Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Inc; Moreover it is also one of the important educational bases of China, such as China University of Mining and Technology (Chinese top university famous for its authority of energy resources exploration and scientific research, and one of top-three world-class energy universities),

Xuzhou Normal University

 and so on.Xuzhou is the largest city in the north Jiangsu Province. Xuzhou is one of four super-cities in Jiangsu Province and the central cities of three largest city chains. As one central city on the New Eurasian Continental Bridge (this world-class route begins with Lianyungang, the easternmost city in north Jiangsu Province and a famous tourism city in China), Xuzhou is the center city of Huaihai economic circle. Xuzhou is also the famous and important national-class transportation hub. Many lifeline ways go across Xuzhou. For the trains, Shanghai-Beijing Railway, Hangzhou-Beijing Railway, Nanjing-Beijing Railway, even majority of south-north and north-south railways are all unavoidably crossing this city. Some bullet-trains usually do not stop at each mid-station except the station in Xuzhou. From east-west railway, Longhai railway also as the lifeline railway of China, Xuzhou also serves as the central role. The world-famous Hangzhou-Beijing Grand Canal also goes through Xuzhou which gives the local residence more leisure destination.
Xuzhou Cultural Relics
Jinlvyuyi- the very rare cloths made of gold linesXiang Yu General Statue
the delicate Jade sculpture
Jade sculpture of the old days


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