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Water Dragon Dance Festival


Water Dragon Dance of Hakka People

Fire Dragon Dance and Water Dragon Dance are two most significant festivals for Kejia People(Hakka People). As to the origination of Water Dragon Dance, there is a legend devoted to it. One day, the prince Adou of the State of Shu was playing chess and his Jade ribbon was blown into a well by wind. He ordered his subsidiary to pick it up. His subsidiary used a stick to pick the ribbon, each time he stirred the well, the storm would come. When he stopped, the storm would cease. Inspired by this phenomenon, Kejia people combined the ancient water dragon dance with ritual ceremony near this well, praying for a good harvest. During Double-Fifth Festival and  July 26 or 27, Kejia People will launch the Water Dragon Dance and During Lantern Festival, they would stage the Fire Dragon Dance.

Ritual Ceremony before the Water Dragon Dance Festival

Preserving the original ritual ceremony of ancient dragon dance, Liu Family Dragon Dance is most famous in Luodai. Dwelling in this town for 14 generations, Liu family will perform the Water Dragon Dance to pray for rain and good harvest. The performer usually wear a pant, and the audience usually shoots them with water pipes or water-splashing them with washbasins. For Kejia people, water is associated with wealth and good luck. Thus, the more water they received, the luckier they will be.
Luodai Ancient Town: The Last Kingdom for Kejia People in Inner China

Situated about 20km from downtown Chengdu, Luodai Ancient Town was constructed during Three Kingdoms Period (220AD-280AD) and is the biggest community for Kejia People. Kejia People is a branch of Han, not a minority group. They many live in south China(Guangdong Province, especially) and are famous for unique architectures, various customs and hospitable character. Their dialect which still has the traces of ancient Mandarin, is referred as the old Cantonese language.

 Luodai Ancient Town: Tulou( local residence building)

  Luodai Ancient Town

 Delicate Architecture in Luodai Ancient Town

  Luodai Ancient Town: tulou

In 2012, the grand Water Dragon Dance Festival is under its way since July 28, and it will last to August 26. This festival is held in Kejia people’s ancient town: Boke Town(博客小镇), Luodai,Chengdu. During this period, Water Dragon Dance will be held each Saturday and Sunday. You can join in the water splashing activity to relax yourself, or see the Kejia People’s performance in Wufeng Building Plaza(五凤楼广场) and participate in the various local entertainment activities there

How to get there

Luodai Ancient Town(洛带古镇) is 20km from Chengdu, thus it is very convenient. You can take No 2, 81,58 Bus to Wuguiqiao Station(五桂桥汽车站) first. Then you can take the direct bus to Luodai which is available within several minutes. After you reach Luojia Station, turn left and you can see Luodai Ancient Town.

Water Dragon Festival is usally held each July 26 or 27. Do not miss it.
The Architecture of Kejia People


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