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UNESCO World Heritge Sites in China--Nature


World Natural Heritage in China

chengjiang-fossil  huanglong scenic and historic interest area

5 kilometers away from Kunming hides the Chengjiang Fossil Site, famous for its well-preserved fossils dating back to 513 million years ago.

Hailing from northern Sichuan, Huanglong enthralls visitors for its snow-capped mountains, cascading rainbow-hued lakes, centuries-old monasteries and rich ethnic culture. It is co-inhabited by the Tibetans, the Qiang and the Hui people. The Tibetans with their white stupas, Mani stones, Thangka paintings, knives paper and incense, are easily identifiable. The Qiang are characterized by fortress-like watch towers and colorful embroidered clothes, while the Hui are renowned for their folk songs.
jiuzhaigouzhangjiajie world geopark
Jiuzhaigou Valley Scenic and Historic Interest Area (1992)
Heralded as a fairyland on earth, Jiuzhaigou is famous for its dreamy mineral-rich lakes, pristine forests and the most incredible flora & fauna species, such as the giant pandas.
Complementing its dramatic natural beauty is the equally charming Tibetan culture. See & Do: Trekking, photographing Best Time to visit: Autumn.
Over 3,000 awe-inspiring pinnacles here come in all shapes and sizes, with sublime beauty defying explanation. Ascend to the mountaintop to enjoy an exhilarating panoramic view, flow down its winding streams to take in the serenity, hop on to a boat to explore its underground caves, and when energy fails you, stroll along the alleyways of the Old Town of Fenghuang, you will come home with relaxed mind.
three parallel riversSichuan Giant Panda Sanctuaries, World Natural Heritage in China
Three Parallel Rivers of Yunnan Protected Areas (2003)
Three Parallel Rivers physically, biologically and culturally defines northwest Yunnan. Since the early 20th century, numerous missionaries, diplomats, adventurers and scientists have swarmed in to sample its hidden charm. Dramatic landscape, timeless ethnic settlements, and unbelievable lifestyles beckon and allure.
To touch, feed and even hug a panda is on your wish list when flying to China. Well, your wish will be totally satisfied in the hometown of giant pandas.
 south china karst sanqingshan
If you never witness those fancy pinnacles, caves and valleys in south China, you will have no idea that mountains can be so poetic.
Perpetually enveloped by mists and clouds, Mt Sanqingshan has long been deemed as the abode of Taoist deities, who leave behind a legacy of dazzling monasteries, poems and paintings. Top things to do here include trekking, watch sunrise & sunset, enjoy the azalea blossoms from April to May and walk along the sightseeing trail.
tianshanMount Tianshan: With an average elevation of 5000meters, Mountain Tianshan traverses the heartland of Xinjiang and divides it into two helplessly acrid Gebi deserts. The lifesaving melting glacier water from its ice-bound peaks, has nurtured amazing wildlife, plants, and one of the most enlightened civilizations on earth.

Time your visit during summer or autumn, to see its flower-sprinkled grasslands, glistening blue lakes, colorful forests set against a pure blue sky. The endless enchanting vistas will take your breath away. 
china unesco nature heritage map
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