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Puzhehei Top Festivals


Timetable of Festivals in Puzhehei (lunar calendar)

January     Huashan Festival Miao people(花山节)

It will last from three to nine days. Miao people will dress up and celebrate this festival with Reed-Pipe singing and dancing, bullfighting, horse-racing and singing love songs.
miao people huashan festival
miao people huashan festival
miao people huashan festival
miao people huashan festival

March       Zhuang people Ganhuajie (Flower Street Fair赶花会)

Occurring in the third lunar month, Zhunag people will congregate at locals markets to communicate and trade. Young Zhuang girls and lads will sing love songs and watch Zhuang operas together.
May        Kunming International Tourism Festival Yi Miao Zhuang Yao

To increase popularity, Kunming International Tourism Festival has a footprint in this out of the beaten track haven through celebrating a festival imbued with ethnic flavor during the fifth lunar month. You can enjoy Yi people’s ancient traditions such as Dahualian (paint the face and body total black), their Valentine’s Day named Saizhuang Festival and Zhuang people’s Eat the New Harvest Festival.
puzhehei festival
puzhehei festival

June 24     Torch Festival Yi people

The sixth lunar month will see Yi people enchant the outsiders by their world-renowned Torch Festival, their cultural icon. They will place torches into the rice paddies and gather in courtyards or squares, singing and dancing. Other festivities include wrestling and bullfighting will take place. The fun will continue from early dawn till day breaks. If you want to savor the Yi culture, this is a must-see.
torch festival
puzhehei torch festival
July 18 (solar calendar)   Face Painting Festival of Yi People (花脸节)
It is the grandest festival of Yi people in Qiubei County, Yunnan. Evolving from an exorcism ritual, it has morphed into a flirting game of Yi people. Young Yi people seek this opportunity to show their admire by painting the one they like pitch-black. On August 15, 2009, Hualian Festival in Puzhehei attracted 13430 participants, which is enlisted into Guinness World Record.
yi people hualian festival
yi people hualian festival
yi people hualian festival
puzhehei hualian festival

August                   Lotus Festival

With lotus coming in full blossom during this month, Puzhehei will evoke a feeling of paradise. The most romantic thing is to navigate its labrythin of waterways and get lost during the ocean of pink or creamy white flowers. Except for enjoying a visual feast, you can reward yourself with various delicacies made  from lotus, such as Lotus Seed Porriage, Rice Steamed in Lotus Leaves and Roast Chicken in Lotus Leaves. During night, you can set off a lotus lantern and make a wish under the starry sky, with your sweetheart.
puzhehei lotus festival

September                   Qiubei County Chili Pepper Festival September

Chili Pepper is the local specialty of Qiubei County, which is blessed with pleasant climate and fertile earth, two key elements for cultivating this vegetable. In the ninth lunar month, merchants from near and far will gather here. To spicy up the trade event, there will be myraid grand-scale ethnic performances.
Oct 16 Yao People Panwang Festival (Danu Festival 盘王节)

Also known as Yao New Year Festival, Panwang Festival is Yao people’s grandest celebration. This festival involves Long Drum Dance, singing and  intriguing ancestral worship rituals.
panwang festival

Ancestral Worship Ceremony of Bo people October Bo people

Bo people(僰人) is a subbranch of Yi people, who are famous for cave bury custom or Xuanguan (suspend the coffins along the cliffs). Each three year, Bo people will carry out the bewildering ancestor worship ceremony presided over by a leader in Puzhehei. A piece of bronze symbolizing the spirit of their ancestors will be placed into a wooden box. Then, the leader of the village will put it within a cave. Banquets will be prepared for worship.
puzhehei scenic resort festivals

Mizhi Festival          Dec 10                Yi people

Also known as Man’s Festival, Mizhi Festival occurring on the first rat day of the tenth lunar month will see Yi men in exotic ethnic attires mount to Mizhi Hill to worship their ancestors and pray for good luck. This festival excludes women from joining in. Why? because men’s social status was lower than that of women during matriarchal society. To get balance, these men set up this festival. Sani people in Stone Forest will celebrate this festival in the first rat day of the eleventh lunar month, and it will last for a week.
puzhehei festivalpuzhehei festival
puzhehei festival
                    Author:  Sophia   Posted on May 31, 2013


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