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Miao People, People of Silver

Nan Wangye, a Miao writer mentioned in his book: “Miao is a weathered nationality which is subject to constant exile and eradication, just like the Jews in Europe. However, they never give up faith, dream and vision. Since 5000 years ago, Chi You lost the war against Huangdi Emperor, Miao people were forced to migrate constantly, all the way from center plain areas of Yellow River to Hunan, Guizhou and Yuan, and even beyond the boundary to Laos and Thailand. They scaled mountains, river and valleys, marching towards the horizon where sun sets down, and build home along the cliffs. They adorn nature, worship ancestors and bear no hatred to their opponents.”

Miao People
, also known as (Hmong), is a great nationality. Believed as the descendants of Chi You, Miao Nationality thrived along the Yellow River and Yangtze River as a main tribe and built the Sanmiao Kingdom there over 5000 years ago. They boast splendid culture, eye-dazzling costumes, stunning silver ornaments, exquisite embroidery, classic batik, colorful festivals, mysterious witchcraft and turbulent history.
miao people

The past millennia witnessed five major migrations of this nationality, which shaped every aspect of Miao people significantly and still has lasting influence. Miao people do have their own script at first. To avoid the persecution from the ruling class, they had to burn and wipe off these characters. The script, together with the rare few who mastered them, went into distinction by present. Miao people record their history, legend, myth, philosophy, ideas and emotion in other forms, such as silver ornaments, embroidery, music and dance. Miao costumes with unrivalled exquisiteness and rich cultural connotation, has long been famed as “the epic of Miao Nationality” or “the encyclopedia of Miao people”. Miao people are versatile and brilliant. Reed-Pipe(Lusheng) Dance, Golden Pheasant Dance, Bronze Drum Dance, Wooden Drum Dance, Xiangxi Drum Dance, Bench Dance are characterized by their alluring, graceful and mysterious charm. Miao people are good singers also. There are Flying Song(Feige, or HXak Yangt) , Wine Song, Youfang Song, Worship Song and Reed-Flute Music, which are very touching, melodious and different.
By 2010, there are over nine million Miao people in China, whom mainly inhabit the hilly area of Guizhou, Hunan, Yunnan, Chongqing, Guangxi and Hainan. In southeast countries include Vietnam, Laos, Kampuchea, Thailand, and Burma (Myanmar), you can also find Miao people. Miao people make a living out of cultivating rice, corns, wheat, and tobacco.

Religion, Beliefs and Witchcraft

Miao people believe in that everything around them is imbued with supernatural power. Hence, they worship the sun, moon, lightening, rivers, giant stones, caves, big trees and forests. They also pay homage to totems and ancestors. Buffalos, bamboo, maple tree and dogs enjoy sacred status in their eye. Guzang Festival, the grandest ancestor worship ritual, is held each thirteen years. Some of them are converted into pious Roman Catholics and Protestants. Miao people is famous for their witchcraft and Ganshi ( a wizard bring the deceased person to their hometown by using a magic).

There are six Miao autonomous prefectures in China: Qiandongnan Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture, Qiannan Buyei and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Qianxinan Buyi and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture,Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture and Enshi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture. In these six perfections, Kaili in Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture boasts the most densely distributed Miao villages in China. 
the biggest Miao village on earth...
Xijiang Thousand Household Miao Village
 shidong-miao-village basha-miao-village
Shidong Miao Village: where to enjoy Miao Dragon Boat Festival and Sisters' Meal Festival...
Basha Miao Village: see the last tribe of gunmen in China...
Langde Shangzhai Miao Village: famous for Papo Festival...
Zhouxi Miao Village: see the biggest Reed-Pipe Festival in China...
 shiqiao-miao-village datang-miao-village
Shiqiao Miao Village: the setting for movie Close to the Sun. It is a place where you can observe ancient paper-making...
Datang Miao Village: it is a haven where you can see Tang Dynasty hairstyles, Song Dynasty attires and unique storage house above water...
 nanhua-miao-village wengxiang-miao-village
Nanhua Miao Village: a romantic retreat amid dense forest...
Wengxiang Miao Village
Dunan Miao Village: where the mysterious Zongba Festival reigns
Miao Villages in Fenghuang Ancient Town
These villages have been enlisted into the tentative list of UNESCO heritage Site. Among them,  Xijiang Miao Village is the biggest, Shidong Miao Village is famous for Dragon Boat Festisval and Sisters' Meal Festival, Basha Miao Village is famous for the Basha Miao, the last gunmen in China.
Dunan Miao Village, the hidden Shangri-La in southeast Guizhou, is famous for the well-preserved Miao culture and the mysterious Zongba Festival, Dunan Miao people’s Double Fifth Festival.( Zongba is rice dumplings. Zongba Festival originated from the tribe society and mirrors the matriarchal culture.) Maniao Miao Village is located in Danzhai County, Guizhou. It is the cradle of Short Skirt Miao and the famous Golden Pheasant Dance. Daboji Miao Village derives its name from the unique layout, relaxing lifestyle, sprawling stilt houses and the funny Bench Dance. Geduo Miao Village is famous for Heaven Worship Ceremony, which cannot be found elsewhere in China. Pojiao Miao Village epitomizes Miao culture by hospitable Guest-greeting Ceremony,colorful dances such as Lusheng Dance(Reed-Pipe Dance), Bronze Drum Dance as well as stilt houses rising tier on tier.
 maniao-miao-village daboji-miao-village
Maniao Miao VillageDaboji Miao Village
 geduo-miao-village pojiao-miao-village
Geduo Miao VillagePojiao Miao Village
Top Miao Festivals
 Guzang Festival: occurring each thirteen years, Guzang Festival is the grandest ancestor worship festival of Miao people....
Sisters' Meal Festival: as the counterpart of Qixi of Han Chinese and Valentines’ Day in the western world, Sisters' Meal Festival is an ancient courtesy ritual prevails among Miao people. Some anthropologists claim it as the most ancient Valentines’ Day in the world...
 sisters meal festival
Miao Dragon Boat Festival On the 24th day of the fifth lunar month, Miao people in Shidong Miao Village will celebrate their own Dragon Boat Festival for good harvest. This three-day festival is fueled with dazzling festivities include dragon boat racing, bullfighting, horse racing, dragon boat racing, drum-beating as well as Reed-pipe singing and dancing…
Reed-Pipe Festival: Lusheng (or Reed-Pipe Wind Instrument) is an integral part of Miao culture. Lusheng singing and dancing are involved in almost every festivals and grand gatherings of Miao people. Reed-Pipe Festival staged in Zhouxi Miao Village is the grandest...
Miao New Year: celebrated after harvest during the winter, Miao New Year is the most important festival of Miao people

Miao Costumes
Embroidery, silver ornaments and batik dying, three defining elements of Miao costumes, are world-renowned for their peerless craftsmanship, sumptuous feeling, ingenious design as well as diversified themes. Miao costumes fall into over 200 variants, and southeast Guizhou is the best place to sample this incredible art form.
miao silver ornament
Miao Silver Ornament

Miao Food
Miao people live on rice(especially glutinous rice), and are obsessed with sour and spicy flavor. Three days without eating a sour dish is unbearable for them. Their cuisine spans a wide spectrum of choices including chicken, pork, beef, vegetables, carrots, beans and even dog, most of which are pickled or salted before being stored by earthen jars. Miao Cuisine feature sour flavor.
Sour Fish SoupFive-color Glutinous Rice
Baizanji ( Original Flavor Chicken)Suantangcai( Sour Vegetable Soup)


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