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Miao Food and Long Table Banquet

Miao people live on rice(especially glutinous rice), and are obsessed with sour and spicy flavor. They cannot survive three days without eating a sour dish. Their cuisine menu spans a wide spectrum of choices including chicken, pork, beef, vegetables, carrots, beans and even dog. Miao people in Sichuan and Yunnan, in particular, love eating dogs very much. Sour Soup, the fermented washing water of rice, is a most popular seasoning. Most of their food are salted or pickled. Every household boasts a collection of earth clay jars, which house pickled fish, pork, vegetables...

Here go the representative dishes of Miao people:
Miao Sour Fish Soup (酸汤鱼)

“The whitest is snow, the sweetest is candy and the most delicious is Sour Fish Soup.” Sour Fish Soup, the Trump Card of Miao Cuisine, is a must-eat during your stay in a Miao village. A saying circulates in Kaili sheds light on its importance: “Marriage will be a headache for girls who cannot prepare Sour Fish Sour”.

As time goes by, Miao people have developed several ways to cook this dish: one is hotpot. The most fresh carps raised from rice fields are sliced and boiled among the surging soup. You can follow the suit by dipping them into a yummy sauce comprising chili pepper, garlic, wild tomato, etc. The fresh fish meat and sauce complement each other and bring out a most unforgettable gourmet of Miao. To cater to international tastes, fish are deboned in some restaurants.
Miao Sour Fish Soup

Miao Pickled Fish(腌鱼)

It is a dish often seen on Miao and Dong people’s table. To prepare this treat, carps are captivated during late autumn. They are salted before being immersed into rice wine for three days. Condiments including chili pepper, ginger and garlic are stuffed into the stomach of these fish, which will be stored within wooden barrels or earthen jars later. Though time-consuming, this hand-made dish will astonish our tongue by its incredible flavor.
Miao Pickled Fish

Five-Color Glutinous Rice(五色糯米)

Miao people show their talents on cuisine. Leaves, fruits and petals are used to extract colorful juices to dye the creamy-white glutinous rice. The result is rice in five proportions colored with red, green, yellow, white and black separately. This local delicacy not only please our eye, but also benefit our body, hence, it enjoys great popularity. This dish is also an indispensable part of Sisters’ Meal Festival, Miao people’s Valentines’ Day.
Five-Color Glutinous Rice

Miao King Fish(苗王鱼)

To prepare an authentic Miao King Fish is an art. According to Miao people, the best carps come from July to August. Hence, carps living in rice fields are captivated during this period and used as key raw materials of this dish. To highlight a spicy flavor, green pepper and Sichuan pepper(flower pepper, which has an fragrant, citrus-like taste and causes a “tingly-numbing” sensation in the mouth) are added. It is very appetizing.
Miao King Fish

Chicken Porridge(鸡稀饭)

Chicken Porridge is a traditional dish to greet guests or to celebrate festivals like Miao New Year. Chickens raised by farmers in the countryside are used as the main ingredients. If sourness or pungency disagree with you, this nutritional and yummy dish will come to your rescue.
Chicken Porridge

Chicken Wrapped with Lotus Leaves(荷叶捆鸡)

To prepare this dish, chickens’ feathers and inner organs will be disposed of. Then, they will be stuffed with various seasonings, wrapped up by lotus leaves and be barbecued. When ready, the air will be filled with irresistible flavor, which can make you mouth-watering.
Chicken Wrapped with Lotus Leaves

Congjiang Roasted Fragrance Pork(从江烤香猪)

Fragrance Pig is unique to Congjiang County, Qiandongnan, Guizhou. Weighing no more than 50 kg, these miniature pigs are the key to the success of this famous dish. Low in cholesterol and high in protein, they possess magic medical properties including anti-aging, anti-cancer and enhance health. Pigs aged from three to five months will be roasted until they adopt a golden color and emit fragrant scent. You can slice them into pieces before having a bite.
Congjiang Roasted Fragrance Pork

Long Table Banquet
The pristine landscape of Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture, Guizhou province is dotted with countless Miao villages and towns, among whichXijiang Miao Village inhabited by over 1000 households stands out as the biggest one on earth. During grand festivals such as Miao New Year and occasions such as wedding ceremonies, each family will prepare enough exquisite delicacies to prepare Long Table Banquet. Accompanied by heavenly and cheering wine-toast songs, this banquet mirrors their hospitality…one of the highlight of your stay here is to experience this timeworn tradtion…
long table banquet miao people
long table banquet miao people
long table banquet miao people
long table banquet miao people


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