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How to Make Tea

How to Brew Oolong Tea
Steps to Make a Cup of Tea

1. Fill a clean kettle with fresh water, and bring it to a boil.

2. Preheat the teapot. This is to prevent the temperature of the steeping water from falling too fast after being poured in. Pour a little boiling water to the teapot or cups, where the tea is to be steeped. Use a cozy to cover the teapot and cups, and let stand until they are warm. Then, pour out the water.

3. Put tea leaves at the bottom of the teapot. The quantity of tea leaves depends on the type of the tea and your taste. This may require some experiments. Tea is often sold in small bags of fixed quantity, which may spare you the trouble in this respect. Do not forget to savor the fresh aroma of the loose tea leaves.

4. Rinse the tealeaves and other cups and utensils to be used. Pour hot water into the teapot. The ideal water temperature varies with the type of the tea. Fermented tea (eg. black tea) requires hotter water (at a rolling boil 100 degrees Celsius), while white and green teas are better steeped in less hot water (eg. 75~85 degrees Celsius). Let the hot water fall from a higher level so that it stretches the coiled leaves. Let steep for around 30 seconds, and then pour the resulting liquid to rinse the other cups and utensils.

5. Pour hot water again to steep the tea. Cover the teapot with the cozy to retain heat. Again, different steeping times are required for different types of tea. Normally, steep for three minutes; uncover the cozy to taste the tea frequently until the flavor of the tea is fully spread. Oolong and black teas may take around two or three minutes longer.

6. Pour the tea through a tea strainer into another vessel (e.g., another teapot, or the cup for drinking tea). Put the teapot back inside the cozy to keep the remaining tea from cooling down.

7. Serve the tea to your guests, the cups for whom have been rinsed in Step 4. Repeat Steps 4~6 if the tea can be infused multiple times. The steeping time should be longer with each additional infusion.
How to brew Chinese Tea


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