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Hotels in China

China’s hotels develop fast due to the booming economy and recent increase in tourism. There are a good many well-reputed international hotels as well as China-born hotels in major cities such as Beijing, Xian, Guilin and Shanghai.

►About the 3 star hotels
Local-run 3 star hotels in mainland China are generally not recommended because they are more native-oriented. The services in these hotels does not always meet the typical international standards so you would be wise to take notice of the following possibilities before you book a local-run 3 star hotel in mainland China.

1) These types of hotels often do not offer a western breakfast. Only Chinese breakfast such as soup, congee, buns and vegetables are provided. 

2) These hotels often only offer basic facilities. In most circumstances, your room will only have a shower instead of bath tub, and a good hygienic condition cannot be guaranteed. As there is a different drinking culture in China, you will also find that few of these hotels have their own bar. 

3) Sometimes you may receive anonymous calls at midnight in some of the hotels. 

4) As these hotels are native oriented, it is unlikely that many of the hotel staff including the front desk personnel will be fluent English speakers. 

5) During summers, the air-conditioners inside the hotels may not work adequately, with some hotels even turning off the air-conditioning after midnight. 

►About China hotels all-sided circumstances
The check-in hour in most of China hotels is 14:00 and the check-out hour is 12:00. Although an early check-in is usually available if you negotiate this with the hotel staff very often a late check-out will inevitably raise an additional surcharge. 

Most hotels will ask for a cash deposit upon check-in and often it can be more than the total rental of the room itself. 

Finally, many guests have reported that the beds in Chinese hotels are not of adequate softness. This is because the Chinese believe that the bed must not be too soft as a hard bed helps to maintain a sleepers body and posture.

Throughout China (including Hong Kong), 220 volt/50 cycles is used. If your appliances are designed to operate at 110 volts, then you will need a Converter. Two-phase and three-phase sockets are commonly used in hotels. You may also need an adapter plug in order to use your electrical appliances, however thankfully in most cases, should you forget to bring your own you can always ask the housekeeper or the front desk personnel to lend or sell you one.



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