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China Travel Videos



We have collected and recorded a series of China travel Videos. They are travelogs made by travel specialists for tourist attractions all around China. The editors of Absolute China Tours  are willing to help you in leading your unforgetable China tours with the following collections.  

Beijing Travel Video 1

This is the special section of Beijing Travel Video. Impressive and macroscopic show of Beijing in general is incomparably good for Beijing newcomers and those who are short of learning about culture and history of Beijing but interested very much in Beijing and plan to visit Beijing in the near future. Hope it brings you a lot of excitement and imagination before your first arrival in Beijing. Read More

      Time Length: 01:30


Beijing Travel Video 2

In this section of Beijing Travel Video, visitors probably are moved deeply by a mass of cultural and historical relics. In Beijing, All ancient shows are from stories and tradition, and visitors at any corner of Beijing can take a direct talk with history of Beijing to learn as much as you can about the past stories and marvelous mystery of oriental civilization. Read More

      Time Length: 01:17


Beijing Travel Video 3

Generally, many foreigners are much interested in and curious about Beijing local life. Brilliant visitors undertand it is a shortcut to learn the background of a city through the real folk life. This themed video serves visitors of Beijing the real life custom and life philosophy. The unique lifestyle strongly featured by the local tradition shows the newcomers a new world of life, and let more see the change of Beijing life in the time of globalization. Read More


      Time Length: 01:30


Beijing Travel Video 4

Beijing is an important center of World  Heritage. Beijing has 6 sites of World Heritage. A lot of them are world famous and play the double roles of education and succession. Such as Forbidden City,Summer Palace, Ming Tombs and others. Besides, a lot of different levels of heritage are closely connected with life of Beijing and also largely reflect the grandness of Beijing. Come to Beijing to learn Beijing via seeing her massive heritage. Read More


      Time Length: 01:30


Beijing Travel Video 5

This is a special video showing the night life of Bejing. Similar to Beijing's change, the night life of Beijing is also reflecting the mixture of Beijing traditional leisure life programmes and modern programmes from west. In Beijing, visitors who care about their night leisure life in Beijing always easily find what they want. Besides, The night performances in many large or national-level theaters are significant and unforgettable like the Kung Fu Show in Red Theater.  Read More


      Time Length: 01:30


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