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China Ethnic Holidays 2014/5/6

List of China Ethnic Festivals in 2014/5/6
 Below is the list of China top ethnic festivals in 2014, 2015 and 2016. Among them, ACT highly recommends Tibetan New Year, Tiaohua Festival, Munaozongge, Reed-pipe Festival (Lusheng Festival), Sisters’ Meal Festival, Torch Festival, Water Splashing Festival, Miao New Year, Naadam Festival, Shoton Festival and Butter Lamp Festival in Kumbum Monastery,Qinghai.

 Ethnicity Festival 2014 20152016 Place Festivities
 Tibetan Tibetan New Year Festival in Shigatse(日喀则藏年)  Jan 29th Jan. 21st winter Shigatse
house clean up,exorcism, horse racing,worship Buddha, family reunion and perform Jiaxie dance(甲谐), which is unique to Shigatse.
The dancers  in red or yellow silk costumes and a very big hats are n eye-catching. This primitive dance can last for a whole day.
TibetanBanishing Evil Spirits Festival(驱鬼节)  Jan 29th winter winter Tibet Each monastery will stage a large-scale Buddha Dance (Cham Dance) and each family will perform a ritual to banish all the ghosts away.
 Tibetan Cham Dancing Festival (Buddist Dance Festival)跳神节)  Jan 29th winterwinter Potala Palace Lamas wear exotic masks identifying roles from Buddha to demons and circle around Potala Palace, aiming to dispel devils and pray for a happy year ahead.
 Miao Huashan Festival(花山节) Feb1-6 Feb19-24 Feb9-14 Chuxiong,Yunnan bull fighting, collective dance, courtesy singing
 Lisu Daogan Festival(刀杆节) Feb7 Feb 26 Feb15 Kunmingwatch Lisu men climb a ladder made of blades barefooted
 Miao Tiaohua Festival
(1)Feb 9,2014: Liuzhi County
(2) Spring or Autumn in Zhijin County
(3)May 6,2014 in Fenghuang Ancient Town 
 May 25
Fenghuang Ancient Town
 (1)Liuzhi County(六枝县) of Guizhou
(2) Zhijin County(织金县) of Guizhou
(3)Jiangshan Town,Fenghuang Ancient City(凤凰古城江山镇)
 Reed Pipe Singing& Dance,
trade,parade,bull fighting,horse racing,wrestling,archery,folk music, Bonfire party
Feature: dazzling Miao costumes,odd hair style of Long-horn Miao in Liuzhi County.
In Zhijin County(织金县), it is held in over 20 sites regularly. Those hold in the first sheep day after July 13 (lunar month) in Zhucang Town(珠藏镇青山羊场),Longchang Town(龙场镇箐脚) and Dashan Village, Huaqi Town(化起镇大山村) attract over 10,000 participants.
  MunaoZongge Festival(目瑙纵歌节)
Lunar Month: Jan 15
 Feb14 Mar 5 Feb 22 Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture(德宏州) of Yunnan the grandest celebration of Jingpo people, the biggest collective dance on earth
 Miao Feb 17-19,2014 (best days:18 and 19) Mar8-10 Feb 25-27 Zhouxi Miao Village of Guizhou Lusheng dance, Bullfighting, Parade, Romantic courtesy singing. The annual event Kaili GanniangXiang International Reed-pipe Festival(中国·凯里甘囊香国际芦笙节)held in Zhouxi Miao Village is the grandest.
 Naxi Sanduo Festival(三朵节) Mar 8 Mar27 Mar16 the Old Town of Lijiang Sanduo is the protection god of Naxi people. Time to see the ancient ritual of Naxi people.
 Apr2 Apr21 Apr 9 In Southwest China's ethnic villages including Zhenyuan County and Guilin Festivities vary with different tribes. festival snacks will be made,rituals and collective dances will be performed. It is celebrated in the form of Gexu Festival by Zhuang people and Firecracker Festival by Dong people. Spring outing and courtesy are higlights.
 Dai Water Splashing Festival泼水节 Apr 13-16 Apr 13-16 Apr 13-16 Xishuangbanna of Yunnan The grandest festival of the Dai, the most influential festival in Yunnan. Lasting from 3 to 5 days,it involves merrymaking,dragon boat racing, shopping,set off river lanterns,bathing the Buddha, light-hearted worship ritual, and most importantly,water-splashing.
 Yao Red Clothes Festival(红衣节) Apr14 May 15 Apr21 Huangluo Yao Village of Longsheng, Guilin(桂林龙胜县城和泗水乡) As the biggest celebration in Longsheng,it displays Yao, Miao, Dong and Zhuang people's singing, dancing perfomrmances and Long Hair Competition.
 Miao Apr 14-16 May 15-17 Apr 21-23 Shidong Miao Village
,Taijiang County
 Famed as Oriental Valentine's Day, it involves courtesy sing, Reed-pipe dance and parade
  March Street三月街 April 14 May15-19 Apr 21-25 Dali(Yunnan) 
 May 6 May 25 May14 (1)Feiyun Cliff, Huangping County (2)Guiyang City of Guizhou Reedpipe singing&dance
BaiButterfly Meeting(蝴蝶会)May13Jun1May21Butterfly Spring,Dali,YunnanBai people's Valentine's Day
TibetanSaga Dawa Festival萨嘎达瓦节May 29summersummerTibetCelebrated during the whole 4th lunar month of Tibetan calendar, it honors Sakyamuni Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and death.
BouyeiLiuyueliu六月六July 2July 21July 9Zhenfeng County,southwest Guizhou
Folk song singing contest,whistling on bamboo leaves
MiaoMiao Dragon Boat Festival
June22July9-12June28-July1Shidong Miao Village of GuizhouDragon boat race, trade in market fair
The MongolsNaadam Festival那达慕July 11-13July to SepJuly to SepGegentala Grassland,Inner MongaliaHorse racing, wrestling and archery
YITorch Festival火把节(lunar: June 24)July 20-23Aug 8-10July27-30
Southwest China's Sichuan and Yunnan province:
Dali and Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture,etc
Bullfighting, goat fighting, horse racing, wrestling, singing, fire worship ceremony, parade, bonfire party, circle around the field and pray for good harvest.
Regarding scale, popularity and activities, Liangshan Yi Torch Festival (西昌凉山彝族火把节)is the grandest.
Horse Racing, wrestling, archery and beauty contest are its highlights.
TibetanChokhor Duchen,
(Festival of Turning the Wheel of Dharma转山节)
July 31AutumnAutumnTibetFalling on the fourth day of the sixth Tibetan lunar month, it is one of the four major Buddhist holidays. It commemorates the Buddha's first sermon and the teaching of the Four Noble Truths.
Nagchu Horse Racing Festival(那曲赛马节)
Aug 1-15Aug 1-15Aug 1-15Nagchu,southern TibetFeast eye on Tibetans in their beautiful festival attires and ornaments, watch the most breathtaking horse racing in Tibet. Weather is very pleasant. Scenery is beautiful.
TibetanShoton Festival雪顿节August 25-31   It is one of the most prevalent festivals in Tibet.Monks are freed from cloisters to enjoy yogurt offered by pilgrims.Giant Thangkas will be unveiled in Drepung Monastery and Tibetan opera troupes will perform operas at Norbulingka.
BaiKaihai Festival开海节Sep 28Sep 28Sep 28Hongshan Peninsula, Shuanglang Town,Dali,Yunnan(双廊镇红山半岛)This 4000-year-old tradition marks the fishing season of the Bai people concentrating in Dali. Activities:Sea God Worship Ritual,set the captives free, cruisine along Erhai Lake, Boat Racing
Reed-Pipe Festival
(Lusheng Festival)
Nov 18-19 (2014)  Chong'anjiang Town
Matang Gejia Village
Singing, dance,immerse into
local market to experience fresh tribal life
 TibetanLhabab Duchen佛陀天降日Nov 14WinterWinter A day of celebrating the Buddha Sakyamuni’s descent from the heavenly realms to the earth
Lunar Month: Sep27-29
Nov 19- 20Nov8-10Oct 27Gulong Dazhai Village,Huangping County,Guizhou(黄平县的谷陇大寨)Reedpiple sing & dance. Share the merry atmosphere and visual spectacle with around 10,000 participants.
HaniHani New Year十月节Nov22Nov12Oct31 
Hani's longest, biggest and most colorful celebration.
 slaughter livestocks,prepare various snacks, and put on festival best. Long Table Banquet joined by hundreds of thousands of villagers held in Red River well worth participation.
MiaoMiao New Year Festival苗族新年usually takes place during Middle Nov (the exact date will be announced a month before it takes place)winterwinterSouthwest China's Guizhou province(Zhouxi Town
,Guading Town
and Kaili)
Feature:the grandest festival of Miao people.Beat drums, horse racing,bullfighting,singing and dancing
Dong Dong New Year Festival
Middle to late DecMiddle to late DecMiddle to late DecMiddle to late Dec
Liping County and Rongjiang County of Guizhou
Lusheng dance, bullfighting,Lantern Fair,Dong opera,
Singing and dancing,
ancestor worship
YaoPanwang Festival盘王节Dec 7Nov27Nov 15(1)Hunan province

(2)Liannan, Guangdong province

All the rituals, singing, dancing revolve around the ancient Panwang Worship. Long Drum Dance is very engaging,you wont find it elsewhere on earth.
TibetanButter Lantern Festival酥油灯节Dec 16 winterwinterKumbum Monastery(塔尔寺) and LhasaTo commemorate the death of Tsongkhapa, the founder of Gelugpa School of Tibetan Buddhism, this festival displays assorted yak butter sculptures in most monasteries in Tibet. To see the best, head to Kumbum Monastery.
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