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Finding the wonders of China attractions

If you’re looking for a great guide to the best and most interesting tourist attractions in China, then allow us to show you China from the inside. Your journey to China will be led by a professional, knowledgeable native Chinese travel expert who can show you the ‘real China’. At Absolute China Tours, our guides have been helping visitors enjoy all of the great landmarks of China, from natural and historic sites to shopping districts, temples, gardens, and much more! Over the years, we’ve fine-tuned our tours to include the best China attractions on each itinerary, and give visitors a true look at the culture and life of our cities and regions.

Resources for China Travel

Some of the features of our China tours that help you get great access to each region include:

- English-speaking native guides with in-depth knowledge of their homeland
- Trusted Chinese hotels and restaurants to help make your stay safe and enjoyable
- Agents and offices for best transportation deals anywhere in China
- Online resources for getting a look at your trip before you leave

Your tour to China attractions starts online, where you can check out our Travel Guide to review the thoughts or our guides, as well as thumbnail pictures of some of the sites you’ll be visiting, with historical details and summaries. Just click on any of the cities we serve, and you’ll see what’s waiting for you in the Orient.
You can also use other online features like our “Top 10 tourist attractions in China” to find more on what are the most prominent locations visitors like to see on a tour of each area.

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Call one of our dedicated travel lines or email our friendly staff to set up your next tour of tourist attractions in China. You’ll love the access you get with Absolute China Tours for trips to China attractions that you’ll always remember!
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Top China Attractions:
China Top Ancient Wonders
As one of world’s four ancient countries with splendid ancient civilization, China boasts a lot of great tangible relics, which are representatives of Chinese ancient people’s contribution or achievements in the process of social or cultural developments.
China Top Mountains
As an old saying goes, “Any mountain can be famous with the presence of an immortal.” China boasts a lot of famous mountains, including four mountains titled as natural and cultural world heritage. Actually there are numerous amazing ones.
China Top Buddhist Temples
Paying a visit to temples in China is not only exposing you to a Buddhism atmosphere but also a direct participation with local activities. From the scene full of crowded Buddhist followers to tranquil “Zen” surroundings, you will discover more than what you expect.
China Top Great Lakes
Rivers take significant role of providing abundant resources to the riverside regions and give great support to agriculture, fishing, and transportation development. Chinese People benefit from their great lakes and concern more about sustainable developments.
China Top Ancient Academies
China Ancient Academy offers you a special experience to understand Chinese unique ancient education institution. A lot of Chinese saints were educated in such form of educational sectors, which can be considered as the earliest “universities”.
China Top Modern Projects
A number of modern projects have been constructed as the representative symbols of modern China or the distinguished landmarks of some cities. We will continuously extent the list to make you know about the progressive development of China.
China Top Classical Gardens
Classical Gardens in China have great artistic value perfectly blended with Chinese gardening, architectural philosophy, and ancient literature. From the selection of each location to the interior design, you can realize diversified charming characteristics.
China Top Ancient towns
Apart from the mega-cities like Beijing and Shanghai, the unique charming through which you may know more about China is from the historical ancient cities and some featured ancient small towns which present you fantastic historical memories.
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