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Pottery and Porcelain, miracle produced by Clay and Fire

When the cold and soft clay meets passionate fire, a most romantic and marvelous artwork, China, sprung into being over eight millennia ago. Countless books are devoted to praise its stunning beauty, eye-dazzling diversities and genius know-how. Two roads, Silk Road in northern China as well as Maritime Silk Road in southern China, have saw its epic journey to every corner of the world. Centuries later, it is so well-known that China, its originating place, is very often associate with this stunning artwork.

Since its very birth, it has bewitched not only Chinese elites, but also drawn international attention. Needs for these delicate wares skyrocketed during Song, Ming and Qing.

Both colored and black potteries were popular in ancient times. Tri-colored pottery reached its heyday during Tang (618-907) while terracotta was at its best during the Qing(1636-1911). Tri-colored Pottery, also known as Tang San Cai, features a rich and vivid color scheme consisting of yellow, green, blue, brown, black and white. It reflects the imperial confidence and glory of that legendary dynasty shrouded in mystique.

Chinese porcelain began prospered around some 3,000 years ago during the Shang Dynasty(1559BC-1046BC) and is one of China’s greatest cultural treasures. During the Han Dynasty(202BC-220AD), black and celadon porcelain were mainly made. Celadon, one kind of glaze taking after the luster of jade, witnessed continued development throughout the dynasties. By the Tang Dynasty(618-907), celadon porcelain had developed to a high technical standard.

The technique of pottery-making reached its zenith during Song Dynasty (960-1279). At that era, folk artisans had horned their skills to perfection. With a perfect balance of shape, glaze and artistry, potteries from Song Dynasty, they are apple in the eyes of collectors.
china porcelainchina porcelain
china porcelainchina porcelain


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