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Zhenjiang Travel in China



Zhenjiang is one of China’s famous cities for its long-standing culture and more than 3500-year history. It is also one of the new-born tourist cities for its industry and business, inland harbor and tourism industry. Zhenjiang is located the in-fall of

Yangtze River

 (the third largest River worldwide) and Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal (the oldest and longest man-made canal in the world).

Zhenjiang is one of the core cities for its most dynamic economy in Yangtze River Delta with the total area of 3847 square kilometers.


  has rich history and culture. It is the birthplace of the fairy-tale that Lady White submerged

Jinshan Temple

  to save her husband. Zhenjiang is also the place appearing the great masters such as Shenkuo who wrote Chinese Encyclopedia Menxibitan, Liuxie an ancient great writer in literature who wrote the authoritative masterpiece Wenxindiaolong. Numerous famous poems speaking highly of Zhenjiang are easily found in many books. Zhenjiang always pays much attention to culture and education. There are 6 colleges or universities and more than 20 medium technical secondary schools

Zhenjiang is a famous historical and cultural city. It has the unique landscape of southern part of Jiangsu Province.


In the Northern Song Dynasty, it was named Zhenjiang and it was called the first greatest place on earth. The beautifulness of Jinshan Mountain, magnificence of Jiaoshan Mountain and the steepness of Beigushan Mountain indeed show the greatness of Zhenjiang. Zhenjiang has the unique scenery and the cultural and historical sites and heritages. The famous Tianchan Temple of Jinshanjiang, Stele collections with great reputation in Jiaoshan Mountain, unique ancient streets of Song and Yuan Dynasty, marvelous cross-street stone tower, reading platform of Prince Zhaoming in thick woods and the rare stone inscriptions in mausoleum of Six Dynasties. All of these sites and attractions leave us many thinking and also draw a lot of learners and artists at home and abroad. 

Zhenjiang is an ecological and environmentally-friendly city with the good calling card of Urban Mountain Forest. There are more than 20 mountains around urban areas. Other than the famous Jinshan Mountain, Jiaoshan Mountain and Beigushan Mountain, Southern Mountain as the national forest garden, Baohuashan Mountain as the first mountain for Lv Branch(律宗) of Buddhism and Maoshan Mountain as the first auspicious place for Taoism are all could be found there.

Zhenjiang is a hub city of transport network. Zhenjiang. It situates in the infall of Shanghai Economic circle and Nanjing urban circle and the confluent-point of Yangtze River and Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal with the developed traffic system. Beijing-Shanghai railway, Shanghai-Nanjing freeway, NO.312 national highway and 104 national highways go across Zhenjiang. The China’s first and world’s third bridge crosses Yangtze River. Zhenjing has the third largest harbor in China. It is a rising city on the basis of Mechanism, chemical industry and papermaking industry. 

Zhenjiang Museum

  is a British-style building with five floors established in 1890. It was the site of British Consulate General. It has collected more than 30,000 rare items on display from Neolithic period to modern times. The female winner of Noble Prize in Literature, Pearl S. Buck lived in Zhenjiang for many years and wrote many famous articles about China.

Zhenjiang was the famous city for its culture and history. It is the excellent tourism city in China. Zhenjiang is the advanced city for its science and technology improvement. It is also the national sanitary city and the national advanced virescence city. In 2006, Zhenjiang became the garden city of China. In 2004, it became the model city of China’s environmental protection. City tree is Lotus Magnolia and city flower is azalea. The spirit of Zhenjiang is: innovation and creation, opening and civilization, honesty and practice. The city location: the crossroad golden waterway in the confluent point of Yangtze River and Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. The national key protection unit of cultural and historic sites: Stele collections of Jiaoshan Mountain, old site of British Consulate General in Zhenjiang, Stone inscription of Mausoleum in Southern Dynasty in Danyang of Zhenjiang. The national key temples in Zhenjiang are: Jinshanjiang Tianchan Temple, Dinghui Temple in Jinshan Mountain, Longchang Temple in Baohua Mountain as well as the Maoshan Taoism Temple.




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