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Funiushan World Geopark

Funiushan World Geopark

The 1000ish-square-meter Funiushan World Geopark is a great wonderland. The relics of prehistoric organism, geological structure and landforms are well preserved here. Amazing collections of dinosaur egg fossil are world-famous for the wide distribution, large number, diverse variety and perfect preservation.

Located in the east section of Qinling Mountain Ranges in the center part of China, about 5 hours
on a train to the capital city of Henan Province--Zhengzhou, Funiushan World Geopark is consist of Baotianman National Geopark, Funiushan National Geopark, Nanyang National Natural Reserve Area of Dinosaur Egg Fossils and Duyushan National Mine Park, with their unique and large-scale landforms relics, painting a stunning picture of the historical development and formation of Qinling Mountain Ranges. The combination of the high mountains and peaks, the running rivers and deep valleys, pools, waterfalls, cliffs and forests, form a truely breath-taking natural scenery. What’s more, the long history and profound culture has added much mystery color to this picturesque place blooming of precious heritages and beautiful legends.

Funiushan Mountain
Things to see

1 Xixia Dinosaur Relics Park

Themed in everything about dinosaurs, the park is located in the eastern section of the Qinling Mountain Ranges in Xixia County, Henan Province. The park is the central area of Funiushan Geopark and the Nanyang National Natural Reserve Area of Dinosaur Egg Fossils. As a large park of dinosaur remains, it integrates the functions of popularization of science, sightseeing, amusement and research. The main sights include the Geological Science Square, the Museum of Dinosaur Egg Fossils, the Remains of Dinosaur Eggs and the Simulated Dinosaur Garden.
 Xixia Dinosaur Relics Park

2 Baotianman Park

Located in the interior region of the Funiushan Mountain, this park is a geology text book of the landform structure and development that reveals the separation of the continental basement in prehistoric universe and the sedimentation process. In a Cretaceous-Period basin area of the Baotianman Mountain, a large collection of dinosaur egg fossils and bone fossils of dinosaurs, hadrosaurus and other animals are covered in the red sand layers.
3 Dragon Pool Valley Waterfalls

A series of waterfalls is falling in the 12-kilometer-Dragon Pool Valley in Xixia County. The drop is nearly 1000 meters which earns the waterfalls a reputation of “heavenly place on earth”. Deep pools with clear water are here and there in the valley and the scenery along the mountain shows different beauty in each season. Qinling Mountain Ranges is a natural zone for various animals and plants both from northern China and southern China because it's in the centre section of China. It’s a perfect summer resort when it’s very cool for there are dense forests and lots of streams, pools and waterfalls.
 Dragon Pool Valley Baotianman Park

4 Wuhou Ancestral Temple

Also named Zhuge Temple, Wuhou Ancestral Temple was built in the Sleeping Dragon Mountain to memorize the famous politician and militarist Zhuge Liang in the Three Kingdoms period. No documents has even show the exact time of the construction. However a Tang-Dynasty poet Liu Yuxi has mentioned the temple in his famous poem “The Zhuge Temple in Nanyang and the Ziyun Pavilion in Xishu ”, implaing the temple had appeared and been famous before this poem. 
It’s almost a typical Chinese ancestral temple with the statue of Zhuge coming into your sight when you enter the hall. Pine trees and brick cranes decorate the simple gardens. Precious poems about and of Zhuge in the temple seem to have the power to turn the clock back to the period of Three Kingdoms.
Wuhou Ancestral Temple

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