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Zhang Daqian and His Gorgeous Paintings

Chinese name: Zhāng Dàqiān,张大千
English pronunciation :Zhang Dai-chien
Agname:  Daqian Jushi
Nationality: Chinese
Profession: artist
Place of birth:Sichuan
Date of birth:May 10, 1899
Date of pass away:April 2, 1983
Representative work: 
Aachen Lake in Switzerland
the landscape of Yangtze River
Four scrolls of Lotus
traditional Chinese painting of beautiful women
Zhang Daqian is a great master in traditional Chinese painting in the twentieth century. As a gifted master, there is no feat of which he was not capable, such as painting, calligraphy, music, poem and seal cutting. Hence, he is admired and respected in the entire culture circle of China.
Zhang Daqian was born in a family of scholars which providing a good culture background for enlightening him and also helping him to build a solid foundation of Chinese ancient civilization. In his early age, he concentrated his attention to study and learn painting and calligraphy of the ancients therefore he excelled at many types of paintings, for example, landscape, flowers and birds, especially lotus paintings. While in his late years, he traveled around Europe, North America, South America and Asia. This wonderful experience gave him lots of creation sources as well as inspirations. When he lived in Hong Kong, India, Argentina, Brazil and America, he almost went every places of interest and wrote many poems, which brought a good condition for his creation. 
In 1940’s, Zhang Daqian went to Dunhuang at his own expense and spent three years to copy the grotto fresco. Thanks to his introduce and promotion, Dunhuang which regarded as a treasure-house of art attracted a number of tourists from both home and abroad. From that time on, Zhang Daqian’s painting style also changed. He was respected as Libai in the painting area and the painting celestial being in China.His meeting with Pablo Picasso in 1956 in France, was an artistic meeting between East and West. In 1978, he settled in Taiwan. Moye Jingshe (摩耶精舍),  next to the National Palace Museum, formerly the residence of him, is now the Memorial Museum of him.

Aachen Lake in Switzerland
Aachen Lake in Switzeland was painted in 1968 and is the biggest one among the series. This piece of panting once displayed in the famous galleries of New York, Boston, and Chicago. It is acknowledged as the best landscape of Zhang. On May 17, 2010, after 60 round intense calls,it was sold out at a price of RMB 100,800,000 in an auction.So Zhang's works fetches the highest market prices for contemporary Chinese paintings and gets more popular among the collecting world. 

Four scrolls of Lotus

the landscape of Yangtze River

The style of Zhang's painting changed several times. From copy to replication, then to counterfeiting, he learnt panting skills from works of celebrities dated to Sui and Tang Dynasty;When he was 57, he created a new way of painting---- splashed-colour (泼彩). Based on succeeding the splashed-ink technique of the Tang dynasty’s painter Wang Qia, Zhang also used Abstract Expressionist movement for reference, especially the relationship between colors and light. However, the most important thing is, he always has the traditional Chinese painting features in his works despite the new change of painting ways. 



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