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List of Yunnan Scenic Sites

When speak of Yunnan, what will pop into your mind? In this magical land, everything flourishes, blends and co-exists harmoniously, bringing out outstanding diversity and legendary splendor unparallel elsewhere in the world. Since the plant hunters ventured into the inaccessible parts of Yunnan, this mysterious kingdom have astonished the whole world, firstly, for its biodiversity, then, for its rich culture and eye-dazzling ethnic groups. With the publishing of The Lost Horizon, Shangri-la is known worldwide and thanks to the adventurous journey of J F Rock, places like Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and Lugu Lake gain popularity each day.

It is the place where spring comes first. When the snow-capped Jade Dragon Snow Mountain still glistens under the sunshine, its mountain foot is an ocean of flowers; It is a place where various beliefs and religions clash and blend. Three Pagodas, Yuantong Temple, Qiongzhu Temple and Golden Temple are rare masterpieces of Buddhism; It is the place where ancient China has not gone far away, when you roam along the street of Lijiang Ancient City or Shuhe Old Town, you will hear the ancient Naxi Ancient Music, a refined and hybrid music catering to the high taste, which will bring you backward in time; It is the place where the Ancient Tea Horse Road starts and continues its glory during the past millennium. It is a place where you can see the first bend of Yangtze River and the famous Tiger Jumping Gorge; It is a place inhabited by more than 20 ethnic groups which co-exist harmoniously, adding much charm to this already glamorous magic land in southwest China.

Its beauty is not only confined to five UNESCO sites include Lijiang Ancient City and Stone Forest. Kunming, Yunnan’s capital, is honored as Spring Town; Dali Ancient Town is the kingdom of Buddhism; Shangri-La is a fairyland beyond the horizon; Lugu Lake is the last matriarchal society where Walking Marriage Custom is practiced. Xishuangbanna occupied by Dai People, offering enticing tropical landscape and customs include Water Splashing Festival; Dianchi Lake and Lashi Lake are ideal birds watching site; Luoping boats marvelous Cole Flowers in Valley of Luoping Mountain; Xizhou Town showcases the most complete Bai people’s architecture.

First Stop: Lijiang Ancient City

At present, Lijiang is the golden tourist destination in Yunnan province. Belonging to the highland monsoon climate, Lijiang’s temperature is lower than Kunming (Yunnan province’s capital city) and Dali. Besides, temperature between day and night varies dramatically. It is accessible by bus, train and flights from cities include Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Kunming.

Five Star Scenic Sites

Four Star Scenic Sites: Lugu Lake , The Old Residence of J F Rock, Yongning Hot Spring, 99 Dragon Pool, Baisha Dongba Culture Museum, Baisha Village, Liude Steles Forest, Qiangui Mountain Dongba Valley, Puji Temple, Guanyin Gorge

Three Star Scenic Sites: Stone Drum (the first bend of Yangtze River)

Culture and Show: Naxi Ancient Music         Dongba Culture       Impression Lijiang 


Second Stop: Kunming

Tropical landscape, advantageous location and convenient traffic qualify Kunming one top haunt in Southwest China. Flowers thrive here all year around, making it a city of fragrance. Temperature changes dramatically during day and night. As an inland highland city, it is accessible by trains and flights.

Five Star Scenic Sites

Four Star Scenic Sites
Golden TempleKunming Flowers&Birds Market
Western HillsJingkou Village
Qiongzhu Temple
Yuantong Temple
 kunming jiuxiang cave 
 Jiuxiang Cave 

Third Stop: Dali

Dali is the transportation hub of western Yunnan province. Visitors can go southwardly to Tengchong, Ruili, or go northwardly to Shangri-La, Deqing and Lijiang. The coldest period is from December to January. Sometimes, it snows and rains as well. But Cangshan still can be climbed and E'hai is never iced.

Five Star Scenic Sites
bai-people-residenceDali Bai Autonomous Prefecture Museum
Xizhou Ancient TownDali Bai Autonomous Prefecture Museum
butterfly-spring-dali-yunnan  dali-tianlongbabu-movie-produce-center
Butterfly Spring Dali Tianlongbabu Movie Produce Center

Fourth Stop: Xishuangbanna

Xishuangbanna is a magic tropical plant kingdom. For summer is hot here, so please time your visit during spring, autumn or winter. Gannanba Daizu Park is a popular place for its daily Water-splashing activity, ethnic opera and dance performance. Bai People, the indigenous inhabitants, are notable for exotic villages, lifestyles and folk customs. It is also interesting to see the elephant-training performance everyday in wild elephant valley. Xishuangbanna Airport is 5km from Jinghong and has the equivalent flights to and from Kunming, Lijiang, Dali, Shanghai and Chengdu.

The word Shangri-La was coined from the novel Lost Horizon written by James Hilton, an American writer. In 2002, Zhongdian County of Yunnan Province was officially declared to be Shangri-La. With an average altitude tops above 3000m, it is colder than that plain areas especially during winter. Besides, the traffic is worsened due to the heavy snow. In summer, it is rainy and also not suitable for outdoor travel. Hence the best time to visit Zhongdian and Deqing is from the mid April to June. From September to October, Shangri-la is a fairyland. In Zhongdian Airport, currently, there are flights to and from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Kunming, Chengdu and Tibet.

Sixth Stop: Luoping

Luoping is a beautiful village in southeast part of Yunnan province. Over here, travelers can see the endless cole flowers on valley and mountainsides. Besides, there is the vivid performance of folk custom. It is only to Luoping by train or bus. Visitors can go there from Nanning of Guangxi province, Kunming of Yunnan Province, Guiyang, Huangguoshu and Xingyi of Guizhou. Luoping is China's most important cole oil production base with the plantation area of 300,000 mus. Luoping is also the noted village of waterfalls.There is in total hundreds of waterfalls in different sizes. It is suitable place for long living. The temperature in summer is higher. It is quite good to see diversity of streams, waterfalls and springs. The spring time from early February to late March is cole flowering time, and then there are a lot of tourists going there.
Luoping County in Spring


Seventh Stop: Wenshan County


Eighth Stop: Chuxiong County


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