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Three Gorges Submerged Attractions and New-born Attractions


Three Gorges Scenery to be Submerged in 2009:

Natural Scenery:
Gorge of Book on Art of War and Sword, Gorge of Dragon Gate, Phoenix Fountain, Gorge of Ox liver and Horse Lung, Waterfall of a Monk Stands Upside-down, Seven-gate Cave, Bayan Gorge and Guandao Gorge.

Man-made Scenery:
Daxi Cultural Heritage Site, Qu Yuan Temple, The White Crane Ridge, Zhang Fei Temple, The Ding Mansion, The Unknown Mansion, Dachang Ancient Town, Feng Jie, The Kong Ming Stele, The Calligraphy Wall, Meng Liang Ladder, The Dragon Back Stone, Pipa Zhou, The Chu-State Tomb of Guling and The Path Qutang Gorges.

To be Partly Submerged in 2009:

Natural Scenery:
Bawu Gorge, Gorge of Dropping Jade, Wu Gorge, Qutang Gorges, Lu You Cave and Kong Ling Gorge.

Man-made Scenery:
The White Emperor's Town, Shi Bao Stockade, Feng Du Mountains, Huang Hua Cheng, The Plank Road on the Ning River, Hanging Coffins in the Dragon Gate Gorge, Xituo Ancient Town and Zhongzhou Ancient Town.

New Attractions to be Appeared After the Implementation of Reservoir in 2009:

The Little Three Gorges, The Temple Gorge, Tianjing Gorge, Lotus Gorge, Parrot Gorge, Seven-sister Gorge, The 13 Gorges of the Wu River, Ziyang Gorge, Tiankang Gorge and The Crescent Gorge.

Sandouping, the White Emperor, Shibao, Fuling, Wuxia, Dachang, Wanzhou, Kaixian, Qukou, Gaoyang and Nanxi.

The Dragon Palace, Lotus, the Summery Ice, Shuangxi, Tiankang, Longgang, Huilong, Xueyu, Daguan, the Fairy and the Black Dragon.

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