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Xian Travel tips



Useful information about Xian 

Population: about 8.2 million


Area: about 9,983 sq kilometers


Area code: 029


Zip code: 710000


Toilet facilities: most toilet facilities in emporiums, shopping centers, supermarkets, stations and scenic spots are free. The other will charge no more than 0.5 Yuan.


Banks: Shaanxi Branch of Bank of China offers money changing service.


        Shaanxi Branch of Bank of China    Address: 21, Xianning Xi Lu, Xian


        Xian Branch of Bank of China     Address: 38, Juhuayuan, Beilin Qu, Xian


        Nanshaomen Subbranch of Xian Branch of Bank of China   Address: 91, Youyi Dong Lu, Beilin Qu, Xian


Post office: (Opening Hours: 8:30-18:00)


City Center: Bell Tower Post Office, Northeast corner of Bell Tower Square


South Suburb: Xiao Zhai Branch, No.3 Xiao Zhai Xi Lu  North Suburb: Bei Guan Branch, No.18 Bei Guan Zheng Jie


Internet bar: tourists can easily find internet bars near colleges or universities, usually it costs you 1 - 2 Yuan per hour, but those with better facilities and faster connection speeds may cost more.


Jiaoda Branch of Hong Shulin Internet bars: Address: 2/F, Zonghe Lou, Jiaoda Shichang, Xianning Xi Lu, Xian


Xiao Mayi Internet Club: Address: 2/F, Seastar Supermarket, southwest corner of Wenyi Lu crossing



Emergency Numbers:

Fire: 119      Traffic: 122       Ambulance: 120      Police: 110


<<<People's Hospital of Shaanxi Province (Shaanxi Sheng Renmin Yiyuan)

Address: 214, Youyi Lu, Xian

Tel: (029) 85251331

<<<No. 2 College Affiliated to Xian Medical Unviersity (Xian Yike Daxue Di'er Fushu Yiyuan)

Address: 36, Xi Wu Lu, Xian

Tel: (029) 87273634

Xian First Aid Center

Address: 24, Jiefang Lu, Xian

Tel: (029) 87427504



Useful Numbers

Zip code Inquiry: 184   Taxi Complain: 88624509

Mayor's Hotline: 87295170   Xian Tourists Complain: 87630166

Shaanxi Tourists Complain: 85261437   Consumption Complain: 12315

Telephone Number Inquiry: 114   Public Buses Complain: 16801315

China Mobile Customer Hotline: 1860    China Unicom Customer Hotline: 1001

China Telecom Customer Hotline: 10000



<<<Xin Hua Book Store

Address: 377, Dong Dajie (100 meters away from Bell Tower)

<<<Shaanxi Foreign Language Book Store

Address:.349, Dong Dajie (500 meters from Bell tower)

Famous Universities:

<<<Xian Jiaotong University

Address: 28, Xianning Xi Lu, Xian

<<<Northwestern Polytechnical University

Address: 127, Youyi Xi Lu, Xian

<<<Northwest University

Address: 229, Taibai Bei Lu, Xian

Xian International Studies University

Address: 437, Chang'an Nan Lu, Xian


When to Go


    Xian is situated in the southern part of the Guan Zhong Plain in Shaanxi province, with the Qinling Mountains to the north and the Weihe River to the south. It is in a warm temperate zone, and has a continental monsoon climate with four distinct seasons; Xian is hot and wet in summer, dry and seldom snowy in winter and is prone to extended spells of rain in spring and autumn.


    The temperature during spring, (March to May) increases rapidly, but is prone to fluctuation. The average temperature in March is 7.9C, rising to 14.1C in April and 19.4C in May. A quarter of the area's annual rainfall occurs in spring, however with the pleasant temperature, gentle breezes and warm sunshine it is a good time of year for outdoor activities and traveling.


    Summer in Xian (June to August) becomes both hot and humid. Xian is one of the major cities of the whole country with the hottest month of the year being July, with the highest average temperature being 32C and the maximum temperature often above 40C. The oppressive heat can be difficult to bear, but this is tempered by the fact that it is also the rainy season. This time of year has 8 to 11 rainy days monthly - half of Xian annual rainfall occurs  during the summer.


    Xian also experiences a fair amount of precipitation during autumn, (September to November). The early autumn period is cool and can be overcast, late autumn is usually fine. Winter (December to February) is dry and cold with a little snow. The coldest month is January, with an average temperature of 0C. All in all, spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) are the best seasons during the year for traveling here.

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