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The History of Xian (5)

the relic of Lantian Apeman On December 27, 1934 Longhai Railway (陇海铁路, Gansu-East China Sea Railway) line had been to Xian. Since then, Xian had become a transportation hub of northwest China.
In May 1949 Xian had been liberated by the People's Liberation Army and the people's government was set up on 25th.

Since 1949 Xian has been designated as one of the key cities of reconstruction. Investments had been made for heavy industry, which contributed very much to Xian's economic development.

Jiaotong University has been moved to Xian from Shanghai in 1955 under the decree of the State Council. But in 1957 the relocation had been stopped, so that the Shanghai's part was still there, while Xian's was called Xian Jiaotong University in 1959.

Ban Po (Half Slope) Museum is the first museum that exhibits the relic site of the matrilineal society in Neolithic Age in China. It has been officially opened to general public in April 1958.

Lantian Ape Man (蓝田猿人) was discovered in Xian's Lantian County on May 23, 1964 by archeologists of Chinese Academy of Science. They excavated whole ape fossil of a middle aged woman, which dated back to about one million years before present.

On March 29, 1974 local peasant Yang Zhifa (杨志发) and some others were digging a well, which was 1.5 kilometers east away from the ancient tomb of Qinshihuang Emperor. Suddenly they accidentally excavated the stunning Terra Cotta Warriors. This event brought the great attention of archeologists at home and abroad. They later proved that the site of earthen made soldiers and horses dated back from the Qin Dynasty.

The first motor expressway in northwest China had been completed on December 28, 1990. It has been christened as Xian-Lintong Expressway (西安-临潼高速公路).

The Fifth International Ancient Cities Conference was held in Xian in mid October 1996. The former Chinese Deputy Premier, Qian Qichen represented the Chinese government and delivered speech at the conference. The theme of this conference was "Bringing up the Vitality of Historical Cities". There were 70 cities which included Kyoto, Paris and Moscow attended the occasion.

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