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Wuxi Travel|Gem of Taihu Lake

Wuxi is a typical water city in the southern area of Yangtze River in China. It is a famous city in China for its picturesque landscape, time-honored history and widely-extended influence in local culture and humanity. In economy, it is the inland Shanghai and one of top-ten economic powerhouses all over the China. In a word, it is the great place to experience local culture, history, custom and tradition of southeast China.



Yuantouzhu Scenic Area

Jichang garden

Yuantouzhu Scenic Area

Jichang Garden

Xihui Park

Donglin Academy

Xihui Park

Donglin Academy

the second spring on earth Liyuan garden

 The Second Spring on Earth

Luyuan Garden

Meiyuan garden Tang Dynasty Town

Meiyuan Garden

Tang Dynasty Town


Wuxi is one of national renowned tour cities. As for the tourist attractions in Wuxi, the most famous scenic areas are Wuxi Section of Grand Canal from Beijing to Hangzhou and Taiju Lake scenic area, apart from its varieties of museums and cultural festivals, the tour zone for enjoying the Wu-state local culture and the tour zone of ecological gardens. The Grand Canal crossing Wuxi city is the evidence of Wuxi’s change in the past long time. The traditional cultural shows and visible historic sites are densely located on both sides. People here can find the shadow of old Jiangnan area. Taihu Lake different from West Lake in Hangzhou has another kind of humanistic feature. Its long-time establishment in history gifts the visitors the endless enjoyment both in architectural complex of gardens, residential houses, as well as former residence of historic men and the cultural enjoyment of local operas, local customs, and local festivals and so on. The long-standing history presents the deep and mysterious enchantment to Tai Lake and the landscape around it. On the side of Taihu Lake, a large batch of cultural sites can be seen such as Yuantouzhu Garden, Liyuan Garden, Meiyuan Garden, Jingyuan Garden, Xihui Park, Jichang Garden, The second-place spring on earth,

Taibo Temple


Huishan Street

  and so on.  The folk song is another intangible charm to draw many people at home and abroad. It is the essential place for China’s elite culture development. Innumerous scholars and academicians go outside from this land! As an essential part of Jiangnan culture, Wuxi is a gem to show the unique side of the beauty and elegance of Jiangnan culture.Wuxi has festivals all the year around, and Wuxi for sure is a tourism city in China, especially during the high season of tourism in China, generally from April to October. The main festivals include:

Taibo Temple Fair

  from Feb 2 to Feb 6.

Wuxi International Plum Culture Festival

  in March, Wuxi Yangshan Peach Blossom Festival, Taihu Lake Travel Festival, Yixing Pottery Art Festival, Mashan International Fishing Festival, Xu Xiake Cultural Tour Festival and Wudi Cricket Festival and so on.

[Wuxi Attractions]




[Wuxi Tradition]In fact, its long history gifts the local many custom and tradition in food, interpersonal relation, and personal cultivation and so on. It is the cradle of Wu-state local culture. Before 1949, Wuxi was an industrial city for textile, food and others. Most The local capitalists established most of the firms or factories. They did a great contribution to the local economic development. Incidentally, in Wuxi, the tea culture is widely influencing each local man; nearly each person has the habit of drinking tea or eating tea. Tea culture in Wuxi is a partial symbol of local elite culture, because in the old days, the education was highly highlighted by the local people, and the learner or litterateurs often gather together to create the poems and songs, besides they used to drink tea for enlightening their inspiration. Hence Wuxi is a poetic and literary city.

During Lunar New Years, apart from posting couplets, local people are used to hanging the portrait of Zhong Kui, who was a legendary god playing a role in catching ghosts, because his portrait is useful to clean away the ghosts and evil creature. Such a custom roughly started from Tang Dynasty. On the first-day morning of the New Year, the local people traditionally eat Cake-Slice Dumpling in order to get an auspicious future both in society and family. Additionally they also eat noodles in order that the eaters have a longer life. The hosts also present the children candy and dim-sum during the festival. And they even give new-year lucky money to the children of their friends and relatives when they arrive as guests. The newlywed generally visits their mother-in-law’s family on the third day of the New Year. The third day is also called small new day, on this day, the local do not sweep the land, make a fire and get water from well. Besides, the sixtieth, seventieth and eightieth birthday ceremonies of the senior generally are held during festive time but their day of birth. On the first day of the New Year, sweeping is forbidden; they think sweep may take away the treasure of the New Year. Even on the second day of the New Year, they can sweep the floor but they keep the rubbish at the corner of the house before middle month instead of taking out of the house, and they call it collection of treasure. The old tradition of Wuxi is strongly featured by emphasizing the weather of the first day to predict the farming is good or not.


Da-A-FuClay-figure museum


Wuxi Clay Figurine Museum

Grand Buddha StatueA Bing and the Moon Reflected In Er-quan

Lingshan Grand Buddha Statue

A Bing and the Moon Reflected In Er-quan

[Geography] Wuxi is close to Shanghai in the east, Nanjing in the west and Hanghzou in the southeast. It is located in the middle of Yangtze River Delta. The distance from Wuxi to Shanghai is too short to be considered. Roughly one hour at most will be taken to arrive in Shanghai. Its neighboring city in east is Suzhou, another famous water city in China; and neighboring city in the west is Changzhou, one of famous city for its multiple industrial system and tourism. It is located in the northern part of Tai Lake, one of China’s Five Great Lakes. It has the common boundary with Huzhou, one of provincial cities in Zhejiang Province. Wuxi is a place flowing milk and honey. The regional terrain is plain. It is one of four rice-production areas in China; it is rich in water and farmland. Hence it is indeed a golden city in China’s golden region.

[Climate] The side of Yangtze River in the north and Tai Lake in the south situates Wuxi in the east China. It belongs to subtropical humid monsoon climate. The basic climatic character is clear difference among four seasons per year, mild climate, flush precipitation, sufficient sunlight and a long frost-free period. The common natural disasters include: typhoon, rainstorm, drought, cold wave and hailstone.

[Transportation] Wuxi’s train station is a newly-established and multi-functional modernized one in the eastern China. The trains to all the parts of China is attainable here, especially the trains to Shanghai is much more. Besides these trains are assembled with most advanced equipments; nowadays it is very convenient to go to other cities by trains in Wuxi. The traditional trains in Wuxi have also been updated with the new-style bullet trains. Wuxi airport is also one of important one in China especially in eastern China. It is playing a vital role in transportation, because its neighboring city, Suzhou, does not has its own airport. It is play a great part in economic development and passenger transport in the southern area of Jiangsu Province. The bus system in Wuxi is also acceptable and it is relatively cheap. The bus or taxi to airport and train station is much more than they are to other places.





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