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Wuxi Snack---Savory Short Rib




Savory Short Rib Savory Short Rib is not only popular in its place of origin Wuxi in Jiangsu Province but around eastern China. The name implies that short rib of a pig as the main ingredient. When preparing, the rib should be cleaned and sliced into small pieces, add Chinese cinnamon, aniseeds, garlic and ginger, and then grill for a while until the pork pieces are burnt. Sugar must be added when cooking. The snack dish is sweet, saucy and crispy and the bones can be easily separated from the meat.

It is quite interesting to know about the history of Savory Short Rib. Long ago, there was a big stone cross-river bridge and a tofu shop was set up by an old couple near it. They just made their living by running this shop, so they were quite poor. There was a broken mortar located on the river shoal not far away from the tofu shop. The stone mortar was fully filled with rubbish and lichen was grown around it. Nobody would stay in this place for more than a minute. However one day, a man from Jiangxi Province rowed a boat here, looked attentively the scrap and discovered that it was a rare and great treasure in the world. "Hey ! The old mortar below the bridge pier belongs to which family ?" He asked the boss of the tofu shop. He felt quite strange that the man asked such question. "The thing was put there by my ancestors." The boss was just found a proper answer from his mind, so said he. The man from Jiangxi gave two big coins which were worth ten taels of silver and said, "I pay 500 taels to buy the mortar. Today I will pay 10 taels as earnest money, the rest I will pay ten days later, and I take the scrap." The aged boss was so happy to hear the good news. He nodded and took the money.

The old couple thought that they should clean up the dirty rubbish in the old mortar. The procedure would make they felt that they deserved to take the 500 taels of silver. They thrown all the scrap into the river, thoroughly cleaned the mortar and hired some people to move it into their home. Ten days later the Jiangxi man came on time but he felt very sad to Savory Short Ribsee the new situation. "The garbage in the mortar is a rare treasure. What I wanted to buy is that thing. But now it has gone, so I no longer want the mortar. And you return the earnest money please." Said he. The old couple thought that why the scrap would be the treasure for the Jiangxi man ? They asked him with curiosity and he answered, "One day, the door of the Heaven was opened and three fairy phoenixes descended on earth. They became three small birds when they are flying pass the lower reaches of Yangtze River. They stayed in that old mortar for a night and defecated on it. The excrement is invaluable and it has also function to cleanse the water. If one put some in the dirty water, the water will be so clear. But now, you guys threw away all the scrap, the old mortar is worthless." The old couple returned the money to the man.

The Jiangxi man had left them. The old boss was felt sad that the money had also left him. He asked his wife to buy some short ribs for him, ate with wine. After she returned, she washed the meat and cooked, and fragrance wafted all corners in the house. The old man sampled the dish and said that he hadn't eaten such delicious snack before. He asked how she prepared it. At first, she didn't know why she could make such a different taste today. However, she lastly remembered that before cooking, she used the broom that she cleaned the mortar a few days ago to clean the stained cauldron. The broom had the heavenly air that brought the great taste into the Savory Short Ribkitchen utensil. 

They began to sell the snack. The sauce was left much in the cauldron after finished cooking a meat dish, they still used to prepare the next one, but the sauce was always delicious.

The old couple had an idea that they wanted to sell their brand new product in order to make more profit. They closed their tofu shop and opened the Savory Short Rib shop. The stone bridge was renamed as Three Phoenixes Bridge and the great snack had been famous in and around Wuxi.




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