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Wuxi Railway Station































Wuxi railway station is a newly-reconstructed station. It is located in the downtown of Wuxi City.
Wu xi is an important city in Jiangsu Province, and its railway station is also one of the important stations on the railway lines from Shanghai to Nanjing, from Hangzhou to Beijing, and from Shanghai to Beijing. In other words, it is an important part of China’s railway lifeline.

The Shanghai-Beijing railway, Shanghai-Nanjing railway, Hangzhou-Nanjing railway, Hangzhou-Shanghai railway, and many state-class railway lines such as from south to north, west to east mostly take stops in Wuxi. Especially, Nanjing-Shanghai railway perhaps is the most convenient one in China, and Wuxi station is the mid-stop for many passengers, and it is one of the most popular stations on the railway line.

The time interval between two trains is short enough for passenger’s convenience. The maglev trains were operated in this line shortened dramatically the time-consumption for people’s outing. The time spent for travel from Wuxi to Suzhou is just 30 minutes around. One hour is enough for travel from Wuxi to Shanghai.

Wuxi Railway Station is a modernized station. Many tickets for different directions are also available such as from Shanghai to Lanzhou, Shanghai to Xi’an, Shanghai to Chengdu and so, because Wuxi Railway Station is a large-scale station on the railway of golden line from Shanghai to all the cities available in China. Besides, there are some parts of tickets planned to sell in Shanghai always sold in Wuxi. So sometime if you can not buy the ticket, luckily you may successfully buy it in Wuxi.

Wuxi railway station has two stories, the ground floor for buying the tickets, some parts are also kept for waiting room. The second floor it mainly the waiting room. The lifts are easily got, and the toilet is also got easily. The plaza in front of station is large, and always crowded, because they are many passengers resting there for waiting their trains.



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