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A Bing and the Moon Reflected In Er-qua


The Moon Reflected In Er-qua, this music composition you heard, you would be heart-broken and gloomy for a long time. Meanwhile, you also meditate what is life and how is life. Furthermore, you also understand more about China’s tradition and later-day history.

A Bing(1893~1950), original name Hua Yanjun, was a Wuxi native. He latterly became blind, so the public called him ”Blind Man—A Bing”. His father named Hua Qinghe was a Taoist, who was good at Taoism music. In his childhood, his mother past away, and he was brought up by his aunt. At the age of eight, he also became a little Taoist and attended a traditional private school for three years, afterwards, he learned drum, flute, erhu, pipa and other instruments from his father. At the age of 12, he was able to play many kinds of music instruments and used to participate in sutra reading, music performance and so on. He worked hard and strongly pursued the best, and he also absorbed many good points from folk music, finally he broke away from the bondage of Taoism music. At his 18 years old, he was an excellent player in Taoism music community of Wuxi.

At his age of 22, his father died, he became the major Taoist. Latterly, he wrongly made friends with some bad people, he fallen into the hell of drug addiction and prostitute visiting. At his age of 35, he was blind at all. For survival, he became a wandering music performer on the street. He led an extremely hard life at that time, but he was honest, and dared to uncover the ugliness of the world. During the time of anti-Japanese war, he also composed the special music for encouraging people into fighting against this inhumane invasion from Japan. After 1945, he was forbidden to perform on the street by the local authorities. In 1948, he caught a pulmonary disease and led a harder life.

In 1949, Wuxi was liberated. In 1950, there was a concert performance held in Wuxi, A-Bing took his last performance in his life. The teachers and students of China Central Conservatory of Music specially recorded his music. In 1950, A Bing died at the age of 57. In 1951 this music was firstly played by Tianjin People’s Radio Station. In 1959, it was presented as gift to the foreign guest, later it gradually became internationally popular. In 1985, it was made to be the disc, and became the first one of top-ten Chinese folk music in America.

This classical music played by Erhu shows the mood and experience of a blind artist’s uneasiness in his life, and also the uniqueness of folk music performance and style. It fully shows the charm of Chinese Erhu.









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