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Wuhan Travel Guide

Wiping off the past impression of sluggish pace of its economic growth, Wuhan becomes a modernized city with a fast developing speed. Through the effort of local people in recent decades, Wuhan has become one of the most developed cities located on the Yangtze River's banks. It has marched into the new century that many international expositions and domestic festivals have held here. People who are living or just staying a while in Wuhan will testify to its surging passion and witness to its rapid development pace.

Wuhan Cultural


Wuhan is a city having a history of 3500 years with a lot of cultural relics. The ancient Chu culture has left very much priceless heritage for Wuhan. The old civilization gives no impact on the modern lifestyle of its people, commerce and tourism here are becoming integrated with the global market. Walking down the small streets and lanes, seeing the curious blending of old and new and viewing the four bridges that cross over the gigantic Yangtze River is an overwhelming experience.


Wuhan People



Wuhan people are being regarded as southerners by Chinese compatriots because of the city's location, but to some extent, they are straightforward, like those who are living in the northern provinces. Generally speaking, the southern people are paying more attention to details in engaging everything. Wuhan people are so clever and doing very well in business and commerce, but they like living a simple life. One of my friends told me that she didn't clearly know what Wuhan people were talking because she didn't know their local dialect, but she felt that they sounded like quarreling. This is because their strong regional accent, loud speaking habit and sometimes they like spicy food ! The Chinese think people are fierier if they love chilies.


According to a recent survey (August 2007), the population in Wuhan is 8.58 million, of which 1.12 million are people working here without registering as local residents.






Wuhan is a traffic hub in central China with convenient land, water and air transportation. Four flights a week from Hong Kong to Wuhan's Tianhe Airport, more frequent services are available from Shanghai and Beijing. There are three bus routes start from Wuchang, Hankou and Hanyang as far as the airport.


Train stations here are without the city's name - Wuhan but Hankou, Wuchang and Hanyang, of which Wuchang has a dedicated ticket office for foreigners. A long distance bus service to Beijing is available during weekends and official holidays, the fare for a bus seat is cheaper than a hard seat in a train cabin.


Wuhan Terminal is the biggest river passenger pier in China. Cruise line services to Shanghai and Chongqing are available.


Wuhan Geography



Wuhan is the largest city in central China and the capital of Hubei Province. Surrounded by hills, it lies on the east of the Jianghan Plain with the Yangtze River flowing through the city's center. Wuhan is roughly divided into three parts, Wuchang, Hankou and Hanyang. Traditionally Wuhan is also called as "Riverside City" because the famous Chinese poet Li Po wrote a poem here : "Playing a melodic tune with a beautiful flute at Yellow Crane Mansion, Viewing the gorgeous plum blossom in a riverside city in May."


Wuhan Climate



Wuhan is famous for its long and very hot summer, so the Chinese called the city as one of the "four furnaces" in China. The average daytime high temperature during July and August is above 35 degrees Celsius, occasionally hitting 40 with high relative humidity. In winter, the weather will sometimes be miserable and the temperature often falls below zero degrees Celsius.







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