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White Tea

White tea was first documented in the Classic of Tea, by Lu Yu, the Sage of Tea. It is a lightly oxidized tea variety. Its name “white” derives from the white hairs on the whitish appearance of the tea plant Camelia sinensis. The buds and leaves of Camellia sinensis are plucked in early spring when the delicate green leaves are covered with tiny “white hair”.

The processing of white tea is simpler than other teas. The buds and leaves are allowed to wither in natural sunlight, and then processed to prevent oxidation. Fermentation of merely 10 to 30 per cent is needed, as against 80% for black tea. As a result, more beneficial substances are retained, with various health benefits to the human body. The polyphenol content, a powerful antioxidant, is higher than in other teas, which makes it helpful in strengthening immune system and guarding against cardiovascular diseases. Organized eozymes in white tea boost the decomposition of fat, and control the secretion of insulin. And the various amino acids help the human body fight off heat and detoxicate. It is noteworthy that toothpaste containing white tea kills bacteria effectively.

In China, white tea is growna lmost exclusively in Fujian province. Best known varieties of white tea include: yinzhen (silver needle), baimudan (white peony), shoumei, etc. Yinzhen white tea is a most sought-after for overseas Chinese, and is widely used as gifts.
White Tea, Famous Tea in China, China Tea CultureWhite Tea, Famous Tea in China
白毫银针 Baihao Yinzhen,
White Hair-Silver Needle White Tea
Often acclaimed as "Queen of Teas".
福鼎白茶 Fuding White Tea
Ranked among the "top ten teas" at Shanghai World Expo 2010
Famous Tea in China, China Tea CultureWhite Tea,  China Tea Culture
白牡丹 Baimudan
White Peony Tea
When brewed, the tea leave looks like a flower.

寿眉 Shoumei White Tea



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