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What to Bring for Tibet Travel


Will you be confused about what to bring before you start your Tibet trip? Generally speaking, when you travel to Tibet, you should take travel equipment the less the better, but never forget necessary items as following:

A: medicine

Considering the high altitude of Tibet, in order to make sure your health during the trip, you have to take some medicines in common use to full of your medicine kit. If possible, you’d better consult your pharmacist for brands available in your country.
For high altitude sickness: integripetal rhodiola herb, aminophylline tablets, chlorpromazine tablets, anodyne, etc.
For fever and cold: aspirin
For allergies: antihistamine
For diarrhea: antidiarrheal agent diphenoxylate
For fungal skin infections: antifungal cream or powder
For easing itch from insect bites or stings: calamine lotion
For easing irritation from sunburn: aloe glue
Others: Vitamin C pills, Vitamin E pills, Vitamin B1 pills, Vitamin B6 pills, lip balm, throat lozenge, antibiotics or the prescription, bandages, etc.

B: clothes

The temperature in Tibet is lower than the same latitude areas’, especially in mountain pass and high altitude places. Moreover, the heavy wind and unexpected storm will bring a lot of troubles to tourists. Therefore, you need to learn Tibet climate before going there. In general, it is very humid in summer for having lots of rain in July and August; but in other seasons, it is severely dry. Furthermore, temperatures in days and nights are also very different. These following clothing suggestions are according to seasons:
Spring (March ----May): cold-proof clothing such as sweater, jacket, scarf, etc.
Summer (June----August): waterproof clothing, long-sleeve Shirts, long pants, etc.
Autumn (September ------November): cold-proof clothing such as sweater, jacket, scarf, etc.
Winter (December ----February): cold-proof clothing such as overcoat, thermal underwear, down coat, gloves, scarf, etc.
It is really very easy to get sunburnt in Tibet for the high altitude. So, don’t forget bring your sunbonnet, sunglasses, suntan lotion and a pair of comfortable shoes. Shorts are not appropriate at any time in Tibet for men or women.

C: backpacks:

The size of backpack depends on the place you plan to go. If the destination is very far from the downtown, you’d better get a big size one to put your stuffs; however, if you just have a sight-seeing in Lhasa, a small one is enough.
Meanwhile, you may need a belt bag so that you could keep your passport, license for entering into Tibet and some cashes inside of it. But make sure it always in front of you.

D: snacks:

After a joyful tour, you might feel tired and need some high heat snacks to provide energy. In that case, if you get chocolates, nuts, granola bars, dried fruit, hard candies or beef jerky, you will be cheer up in a few minutes.
However, if you like Tibetan food, you also can buy some snacks there.

E: entertainment tools:

Obviously, video camera is a must, please make sure you take it with you, otherwise, you will regret for a long time due to nothing for memorizing the beautiful scenery of Tibet; Telescope is good for observing birds, wildlife, and distant scenery; Some books will accompany you to spend time in bad weather days. Of course, you won't forget chargers.
With all these Tibet travel equipment settled, your delightful Tibet trip will be on the way.

♦At present,foreigners are not allowed to have DIY tour in Tibet, so things which are suggested to bring in this article are just suitable for group travel.

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