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Tips of Tibet Tour

1. The travelers should be in good condition, and it is inadvisable for those who have heart disease and hypertension to go to Tibet.

2. Private supplies should be well prepared for Tibet tour: sunglasses, sunscreen cream, lip pomade, training wear, rain-proof instrument and daily supplies for washing should be prepared well; in winter, travelers should carry the thick and warm-keeping garments for Tibet tour.

3. It is better to have a formal and thorough physical examination in some dependable hospitals before you plan to go to the altiplano. It is unacceptable for the sicker who have the diseases of heart, lung, brain and blood system to go to the highland. Smoking and drinking are both prohibited for keeping respiratory tract from infection. Some necessary medicines and aid instrument are needed.

4. The travelers should have the nice psychological capability and keep the good mood and optimistic attitude. The over-anxiety, mental uneasiness and bad sleeping all possibly worsen the altitude disease.

5. The altitude disease generally can be recovered naturally, the worsening could be cured by some special ways or treatments, such as oxygen-breathing, painkiller and calmness-keeping etc. oral-intake painkiller, calm tablet and some special Tibet medicine can relieve the altitude disease. Travelers should try to avoid tiredness, cold-catch and respiratory infection.

6. Due to the changing weather of altiplano, especially the low temperature in the morning and evening, travelers had better carry the sweaters and warmth-keeping underwear and something else. During the outdoor activities, please wear the sunglasses and hat to shelter the hurt from ultraviolet radiation.

7. The food in Tibet area you choose had better be the high-calorie but easily digestive, However, overdrinking and overeating are both forbidden; especially the supper can not be overeaten to avoid the burden of stomach, which likely causes chest tight and heart fluster. The highland newcomers could choose half-lying sleeping to release the burden of heart and lung. 

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