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Tibet Travel FAQ

Relevant Document

Mainland tourists ought to bring with you ID cards, border crossing cards or PRC passports with exit records. Residents from Taiwan ought to bring with you Mainland Travel Permits for Taiwan Residents, Traveling Permission to Tibet and Tibet Travel Document. Residents from Hong Kong and Macao ought to bring with you HKSAR or MSAR passports, Home Visit Permits or Mainland Travel Permits for Hong Kong and Macao Residents. Foreign tourists ought to bring with you passports, residence permits, Traveling Permission to Tibet, and Tibet Travel Document.

Matters needing attention

You should stay in a good mood, for psychological burdens may add to altitude stress and prevent you from becoming accustomed to the plateau climate. Before you enter Tibet, have good and efficient rest. Drink more water and eat more fruit, and have some milk, beef or mutton, which will help you in acclimation. Keep away from cigarette and liquor, which will do you no good. Remember not to do running or strenuous exercise. Be moderate in eating and drinking. And you need to bring with you necessities, such as clothes for different seasons, sunglasses, sunscreen cream, lip protector, cold medicine, gastrointestinal medicine, Aspirin, and Diazepam, for Tibet is a vast high altitude plateau, where sunshine is strong and the difference in temperature between the day and the night is great. You also need to take with you some medicine against altitude sickness, such as rhodiola herb, and grape sugar. You may start taking the medicine two days before your journey and keep on taking it. It will help you fight against altitude sickness. If necessary, you may as well prepare oxygen. Take with you efficient high-calorie food, such as chocolate, beef jerky, biscuit, and your favorite snacks. Don’t forget to prepare some small gifts for children, such as pens, for you may be invited by the Tibetans to dinner in their home. Please show your respect to their culture and religion, and stay in harmony with your group members. You had better choose a better hotel, where you can rest and relax comfortably. When sleeping, open the windows to maintain good ventilation. If possible, sleep close to the windows. Don’t forget to choose a better traveling vehicle, which will make your journey more comfortable. A top-grade cross country vehicle or a high-quality broad microbus will be ok. 

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