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How to keep away from altitude sickness II

When you are in Tibet, be moderate in eating and drinking. Eat more food which is rich in vitamin, such as vegetables and fruit. Water is necessary and you can have as much water as possible. You need to keep off cigarette and liquor. Be careful to wear enough clothes, or you may catch a cold. A cold is likely to cause acute high altitude pulmonary edema. Due to the great temperature difference between daytime and night, you would rather put on more clothes than risk your health.

Your trip in Tibet should be easy and the trip itinerary should be reasonable and well-arranged. The sequence of the places in your itinerary list should be arranged according to the elevation. The low-elevation places should be the starting point of your tour, and the high-elevation places should be visited later, which means you must go visiting a low-elevation place first. Such an arrangement will give your body some time to do adjustment. Do not travel blindly.

In case altitude sickness occurs to you, don’t panic. You only need relevant treatment. If it is mild, you need to rest, drink plenty of water, and keep from exercise. Generally, the symptom will vanish or weaken in a short period. If it is relatively severe and you just can’t get to sleep, you can take some medicine. If it is extremely severe, you need to go to hospital. And in Lhasa there are many well-equipped hospitals and plentiful doctors who are professional in curing altitude sickness. Some advanced hotels are equipped with relevant infirmaries, where you can get good treatment. If you are tired and sick of the discomfort, you can simply leave Tibet by air. When you leave Tibet, you will feel comfortable soon.

Rumor has it that someone died in Tibet because of altitude sickness. As a matter of fact, the real causes of death were the complications aroused by altitude sickness. That’s why people who catch a cold, have some trouble in heart, lung, brain, liver, or kidney, or suffer from severe hypertension, heart disease, or anemia are not recommended to visit Tibet. Altitude sickness may arouse potential diseases. Yet, don’t define altitude sickness as a deadly disease. It is not like SARS. Dismiss fear from your mind and be brave. It is not that horrible. If you are unsure of your body, you can have a physical examination before you start. You may as well have a doctor with you when traveling, which will certainly cost you more. Frankly speaking, as long as your body is in good condition and you get well-prepared both materially and mentally before you start, and you follow strictly to the traveling suggestions, it is fairly safe for you to visit Tibet. Thus, just enjoy your journey.

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