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How to keep away from altitude sickness I

A land with an elevation of more than 3000 meters is defined by scientists as a plateau. The climate of a plateau differs greatly from that of a plain. The former features low oxygen pressure, oxygen shortage, and high radiation. When you enter such an environment, your body needs a series of adjustment so as to be accustomed. Therefore, you must get well-prepared in different aspects against possible acute high altitude sickness. Before you go there, you need a whole-body physical examination. Do not ignore the potential risk and go to Tibet willfully, if you have some trouble in your heart, lung, brain, liver, or kidney, or you suffer from severe hypertension, heart disease, or anemia. If you get mild illness, you can go there, but you had better take oxygen along with you.

Lhasa, the capital city of Tibet Autonomous Region, has an elevation of 3600 meters, where oxygen content of air is only 70 percent of that in plains and atmospheric pressure is low. When you get there, you may feel chest distress, short of breath, or breathing difficulty. These symptoms result from oxygen deficit. You may suffer from a series of disorder, such as a headache, muscle ache or insomnia. Take it easy. It doesn’t mean that you cannot be adapted to the plateau climate. The disorder is a normal reaction. If you are well-informed about how to correctly protect yourself, you will be rid of the discomfort in a day or three. However, you ought to bear in your mind that relief from disorder doesn’t mean you can just follow your own inclination and do whatever you like. Generally, people prefer to take in oxygen so as to relieve the symptoms of altitude sickness, which can free them from chest stress, short of breath, or breathing difficulty temporarily. But when they stop taking, the symptoms revive. The process of acclimation may thus be postponed. We suggest that when you are resting and feeling mild discomfort, you should not take in oxygen, which will help you to quickly adapt yourself.

Remember not to walk too fast, run or do physical work, when you newly arrive there. It will be best for you to have a complete rest for half a day. On the first night of your stay, sleep earlier than before to get enough rest. That’s very important. Efficient sleep can strengthen your body. Some visitors, who felt fairly well and comfortable when they alighted from their planes, took it for granted that there was no such thing as altitude sickness. They ignored the suggestions given by their guides and did whatever they liked instead of taking a rest. Eventually they suffered from serious altitude sickness. Thus, you need to follow your guides’ suggestions. 

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