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Direct Flight and Train to Lhasa

Most travelers take Lhasa as their first destination in Tibet either they take flight or train. We received several inquiries from our former clients to tell us their concern about the typical high altitude adjustment.

High Altitude Sickness really mattered and could be the most important thing. That’s why some tourists prefer to take train to Lhasa in order to gradually adjust the rise of the altitude. Beijing, Shanghai, Xining, Lanzhou, Chengdu, and Chongqing are selected as the starting station to go to Lhasa by train. (Check out our China Train page to search the detailed train information)

*Beijing West Station-Lhasa T27 43 hours 51 minutes
*Shanghai-Lhasa T164/T165 47 hours 23 minutes
*Xining-Lhasa several trains daily (T27, T22/T23, T222/T223, T264/T265, T164/T165); about 24 hours
*Lanzhou-Lhasa several trains daily (T27, T222/T223, T264/T265, T164/T165); about 27 hours
*Chengdu-Lhasa T22/T23 43 hours 51 minutes
*Chongqing-Lhasa T222/T223 44 hours 55 minutes

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is selected mostly by foreign tourists travel to Tibet by train, and the tickets usually quite hard to be booked especially during peak season, kindly suggest you plan your Tibet vacation as early as possible to make sure the tour operator you selected is reliable to offer you credible services because travel agency usually take advantages to reserve the train tickets in advance. If you have travel plan in other cities in China, also don’t hesitate to contact us to offer you the most suitable itinerary suggestions and useful information, China Absolute Tours Team is always pleased to give assistance.

I absolutely agree that high altitude sickness is one thing while the long duration in the train to Lhasa is another thing which may suffer you a lot. The scenery along the Qinghai-Tibet railway is quite amazing with picturesque surprise; otherwise you may feel bored to stay in train for so long time. If you already have comparably tight schedule to travel in China, choose to fly to Lhasa wisely,

*Choose Chengdu or Chongqing as one of your stopover city as priority for the below two reasons:
1. There’re relatively more choices for you to fly from Chengdu or Chongqing to Lhasa daily.
2. Chengdu is surely worth a visit for classic local culture (panda, spicy Sichuan cuisine, Sichuan opera, etc.). Some visitors would like to go to the UNESCO cultural heritage Dazu Stone Carvings besides Chongqing and also take a look at this foggy mountainous city.

*Direct flight from Xining to Lhasa (less than 3 hours) is also recommended, don’t miss Qinghai lake if you have some extra time, it is also pretty nice to see lots of rape flowers in summer.

*If you plan to fly to Lhasa from Shanghai, usually there is daily flight with a stopover in Xian or need transfer another flight from Xian.
*If you plan to fly to Lhasa from Beijing, usually there is daily flight with a stopover in Chongqing or need transfer another flight from Chongqing.
*There is direct flight from Xian to Lhasa and also some flight with a stopover in Xining.

Some tourists, especially those are interested in Silk Road tours; prefer to choose Lanzhou as a stopover city, for they can appreciate the Yellow River (respected as Mother River of China) of some historical relics in Lanzhou. However, you should note that the flight from Lanzhou to Lhasa doesn’t depart every day. If Lanzhou is a must visit city before entering into Tibet, going by train is recommended.
If you plan to visit Tibet, and need the flight or train ticket reservation service, please visit our themed pages:
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