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Where to buy in Shanghai


Shanghai as the biggest business centre in the mainland territory of China is a well-known shopping heaven as for tourists where they could easily find all the international fashion things and luxury. Meanwhile, the goods of Shanghai have also gained a good reputation by featuring on old brand, high quality, and various types and complete spec. Since you are travelling in Shanghai, why not indulge yourself in shopping? No matter the young or the old, men or women, you will blind your eyes for so many options. The following list is about some famous place for shopping in Shanghai:


Nanijing Road 南京路--- From the Bund to the Jinan Temple


Nanjing Road is the earliest business street after the opening of Shanghai port. Like a dragon, the 5.5-kilometers-long street, had its head in the Bund near Huangpu River, its body lying on the south-north road and its tail near Jinan temple which with a long history. Extensively speaking, Nanjing Road is comprised of East Nanjing Road and West Naning Road, two main business centres among ten in Shanghai. Narrowly speaking, it just means Nanjing Road before 1945(now East Nanjing Road including Nanjing pedestrian mall).

where to buy in Shanghai  Where to buy in Shanghai

 East Nanjing Road in the day

 a corner of West Nanjing Road


Compared with West Nanjing Road, East Nanjing Road is more famous as a shopping paradise. It is also called as the First Business Street of China. During weekends or China holidays, this crowded street shows the dynamics of Shanghai which indicates the reason why it can flourish for more than 100 years. Old-brand shops stand on the each side of the street , such as Wuliangcai(吴良材 a glasses shop), Zhangxiaoquan(张小泉 a scissors shop),Shendacheng(沈大成 a snack shop), Peiluomeng(培罗蒙a clothes company) and so on. Now, it is an intermediate rail for shopping. 

Shanghai No.1 department store in the East Nanjing Road, also named Daxin Company, has its name changed in 1952. After several times’ repairs, now there are two high buildings standing beside, the old No.1 department building and the eastern department building. The old building, along with the underground department, the total area in all is 23 thousand square meters. It consists of 7 shop fronts, 59 categories and over 40,000 species. Everyday there are more than 100,000 customers shopping in this store, and is one of the department stores in China that own the largest area, goods items, customers and sales. It’s the department store frequented most by the middle class people, including foreigner visitors. Unlike the old department building, the eastern one is decorated and laid out with new trends. It’s the center of luxurious goods and world known brands. It also equipped with coffee stores, where you can stop and have a rest when you feel tired.

West Nanjing Road(in Jinan District) is the top high end shopping place which collects flagship stores and speciality stores of 80% top-rank brands in the world and costs the most expensive rent for shops in China. The famous dancing hall Paramount is also a landmark of this street.


Huaihai Road 淮海路----Avenue des Champs Elysees in Shanghai


Huaihai Road is titled as the Avenue des Champs Elysees in Shanghai and shares the same fame as the Fifth Avenue in New York City. In Shanghai, it is the equally famous to Nanjing Road. It is divided into three parts and the middle one is the most flourishing one called Huaihai zhong lu in Chinese. The decorations of stores are very elegant and classical which full of the strong atmosphere of leisure. Due to the fine work and original style of the clothes, shoes and hats, Huaihai Road makes a name both home and abroad.

where to buy in Shanghai  where to buy in Shanghai

 Huaihai Road

 North Sichuan Road

North Sichuan Road 四川北路----face to the salariat



As one of the roads constructed in early times, North Sichuan Road is a civilized commercial avenue. It attracts ever-increasing customers coming here because the products on sale are affordable but of very high quality. Its daily customer traffic can reach 900,000. North Sichuan Road, together with Nanjing Road, Huaihai Road, Jinling Road and Yu Garden Bazar called Four Streets and One Garden in Shanghai. After the rising business center such as Xujiahui and Wujiaochang, the third business street----North Sichuan Road start to lose the important position. But with the long history and historial remains, it still attracts many people who want to feel the deep inside information of Shanghai Culture.
Suzhou River is the start point of the south end while Lu Xun Park is the end points of the north part .Landmarks on this street include New Kaifu, Toronto, Kailun and Shanghai Spring Commercial Buildings. After the completion of the specialized New Kaifu Commercial Building, Kailun Commercial Building (selling both children’s wear and women’s wear‘s) and Toronto Commercial Building (decoration products center), they still maintain the mid- price business feature, which fully reflects its commercial characteristics and develops as the shopping heaven for citizens and visitors. There is a group of enterprises on North Sichuan Road, like Shanghai No.7 Department Store.


Xujiahui Business Circle----Rising Flourishing Shopping Center



There are a large number of shopping malls in Xujiahui such as: Ganghui Square, Xuhui Branch of Pacific-Ocean Department Store, Oriental Building, Huijin Department Store, Luomei Town, Digital Square etc. what is more noticeable is that the largest number of passengers usually get off the subway at Xujiahui Station. There are many exits in Xujiaohui Subway Station. The department stores generally have the cosmetic section and female costume part. For instance, the cosmetic are the name brands such as LANCOME and SKII. Under the subway, there are also many small stores.





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