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Shanghai Travel tips


Tips for travelling in Shanghai
Shanghai is located in the leading edge of Yangtze River Delta with a typical subtropical marine monsoon climate. Its highest temperature appears in July and August, while the lowest one is in January and February. Rainy season lasts from middle June to early July. It is suggested to avoid traveling in this period. The best time for journey is in spring and fall.


If you are invited to somebody's house for a meal, it is polite to arrive with an offering for your hosts such as chocolates or fruit. If you really want to impress, take something special from your home country, although such items as key rings embossed with your company logo will not be well received. When invited out, it is considered good manners to arrive slightly early. If you are hosting a meal, then try to arrive even earlier - about half an hour or so. It is impolite to eat before the host make the first move. After the meal, some candies, fruits, nuts and tea will be served. people always talk for a while before they leave.

Shanghai Tipping Advice
Tipping used to be very rare in China but now, no doubt through Western influence, the idea is catching on. In restaurants, a 3% tip is standard, and bellboys and room service staff expect roughly USD 1.00 or USD 2.00. You can tip in American dollars as hard currency is always appreciated.


Official Languages: Mandarin
Language of Business and Administration: Mandarin and English

220 volts, 50 cycles

Traditonal Fesivals in Shanghai
In Shanghai most traditional local customs are still remained. Apart from those traditional holidays, Shanghai keeps its own festivals as follows: 

Lunar MarchLonghua Temple Fair
AprilNanhui Peach Flower Festival
 Shanghai International Teaculture Festival in Zhabei District
MayQingpu International Dragon-boat Race
 International Flower Festival in Putuo District
 Shanghai International Fashion Culture Festival
 “Spring in Shanghai” International Music Festival
JuneShanghai Film Festival
AugustShanghai International Ballet Competition
September-OctoberShanghai Sweet Osmanthus Festival
 Shanghai International Musical Firework Festival
 Shanghai Tourist Festival
OctoberShanghai Orange Festival
 Shanghai International Magic Festival
 Shanghai International Tour Fair
November Shanghai International Art Festival
 Shanghai Asian Music Festival
 Shanghai Art Exhibition
 Shanghai TV Festival
December Physical Exercise Festival
 Shanghai International Marathon Competition



Emergency Number
Tourist Hotline: 5261179
Ambulance: 120 , 7213460
Emergencies: 110 (foreigner's section 552729)
Fire: 119
Tel No. Enquiry: 114
Police: 110
Foreign Affairs Office of Police: 7216795
International assistance - 115
Fire brigade - 119
Police - 110
Useful Telephone Numbers:
Area code: 021
Tourist Hotline: 6252-0000
Emergency Center: 6324-4010
Tourist Complaints: 6439-3615
Port Passenger Station: 6326-1261
People's No.1 Hospital: 6324-0100
Shanghai Railway Station: 6317-9090
Shanghai Hongqiao Airport: 6268-3659
Shanghai Pudong Airport: 38484500
Shanghai Branch, Bank of China: 7329-1979
Shanghai East Airlines Air Ticket Reservations: 6247-2255
Traffic information: 16088160
Consumer Association: 12315 


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