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Shanghai Transport


It is very convenient to take a taxi in Shanghai, and taxi drivers are very kind and honest. Starting fare is 12RMB in the daytime and 16RMB at night. When you reach the destination you will be given a receipt. You can hardly find a cab available when the weather changes (sudden rain), then take a local bus instead is a sane choice. It charges 1RMB for non-airconditioned bus, and 2RMB for airconditioned one. But they can get very crowded at peak hours. The subway system is very efficient, but too crowded as well. If you met a taxi driver you like, get his/her contact number, so that the next time when you want to travel to some outskirts, you can call him/her to drive you there. You can also call 96965-- the traffic dispatch center, which will help you search the taxi nearest to you and pick you up.

You can take a ferry boat ride across the Huangpu River from the Bund to the Pudong area. The journey takes about 10-15 minutes and costs about 20 RMB per trip. The jetty of the boat is at the Bund area near Jin Mao Tower.

Due to the heavy traffic, traveling by metro in Shanghai is a good and cheap way. It is easy to take subway for foreigner visitors as there are English signs and instructions in addition to Chinese ones. The cost of each trip ranges from 3 ,4 to 8 RMB, according to how far you travel. All the major tourist attractions have a metro station nearby.

Nowadays, international flights land at Pudong Airport in the east of Shanghai city. In fact, the airport is rather far from the city and taking a taxi will cost 120 to 200 RMB. However the airport offers other ways to shuttle from airport to center area, like 10 lines of airport specialized buses, maglev train which connects Longyang Rd.Metro Station and Pudong Airport. For the people of nearby cities, they can choose long- distance buses. The Hongqiao Airport only serves domestic lines while the Pudong Airport serve both national and international airlines. There are two terminal buildings in both two airports. Therefore, it is very important to let the taxi driver know the correct terminal, otherwise he/she might bring you to the wrong one.


shanghai metro


The map above is Shanghai Metro System, which is surely helpful for the traveling of first-time visitors to Shanghai. If you want to get a more exact picture of Shanghai Metro, please click the image above.





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