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Shanghai Taxi


There are 5 major taxi companies in Shanghai and they can be easily distinguished by the colors on the car. Every company has a unified color, blue for Dazhong, earth yellow for Qiangsheng, white stands for Jinjiang, light green for Bashi and royalblue is Haibao. The Lanselianmeng that consists of several small taxi companies is in dark blue. Besides, there is another kind of taxi with French red color that stands for model taxis team in Shanghai, which is composed of high-quality taxi drivers from every company. They share three symbols—red color, red light and red service card.
Taxis from different companies charge a uniform standard rate, including Benz cars of Dazhong Company. It charges 11 yuan within 3 km, the next 3-10 km it charges 2.1 yuan per km, beyond 10 km, it charges 3.1 yuan per km, plus 1 yuan for long-distance surcharge. At night time (23:00-5:00), starting price and per km cost is increased by 30%. The starting price for taxis in suburbs is 9 yuan. All the city’s tunnels, bridges and viaducts don’t charge for collecting tolls.
During peak hours, there are few taxis available, it is recommended to make an appointment ahead of time, or wait at the nearby office buildings. As the flow of people is very heavy there, the hotel porter will take the initiative to call the taxi company. If you take taxi to far-away places or city center at night, you could ask the taxi driver to charge according to the daytime standard or 20 percent off, as long as you make an agreement with the taxi driver before getting into the car.

Booking Numbers of Main Taxi Companies:
Qiangsheng: 62580000
Dazhong: 96822
Jinjiang: 96961
Bashi: 96840






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