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Shanghai Night life



A French researcher on city situation once commented: the quality of city nightlife is an important element to assess the level of globalization, the options of public consumption and the development potential of investment in this city. Generally, the commoners define the nightlife as the continuity and complementarity of daytime work and life. It is an essential part to improve the local people's daily life level.




【Petty Bourgeois Nightlife in Shanghai 

The beauty of Shanghai night concentrates in the Bund and a group of people are attracted to enjoy night there: those classic and modern styles of buildings become crystal palaces for neon lights illuminating overnight. It is facing the Oriental Pearl Tower. The night of Shanghai cannot be shown without those shops, and those shops opening at night indeed brings a lot of dynamics and loveliness to Shanghai people's nightlife. No. 1 subway puts Nanjing Road, Huaihai Road and Xujiahui in line and give those passengers and walkers great convenience. How many Shanghai people spend their time of nightlife on walking? Nobody could give an exact account, but there are two numbers could give us some implication: the summit number of walkers or passengers over 1,000,000 in Nanjing Road has appeared at night. Shanghai businesspersons' half of turnover is also gained at night. 

Where  to spend your night in Shanghai

Xintiandi: Shanghai's nightlife has gradually connected with clubs closely. Xintiandi, the most fashionable place in south Huangpo Road, along with some old houses of Xingye Road, becomes many Shanghai people’s first nightlife selection in clubs. Xiantiadi is not only a sign of fashion but also a place for young white-collar to relax, to talk about life, even some people solve their problems on life, love, deal, and relations in clubs. It offers most choices and diversities in styles.
The Dongmei Bar In Xiantiandi is ran by several well-known Hong Kong stars--Jackie Chan, Eric Tsang, Mr. Alan Tam and some others. Although the singers in the bar are not very famous, you may encounter super stars in this bar. If you do not like noise, you can go upstairs to the second floor, which is a very large open-air terrace for you to enjoy the manifested night scenery.

Hengshan Road: This place is better for those people who prefer reminiscence; although it cannot be compared with it was in the past. You can fully appreciate its charm at nightfall. Street lamps gradually on, few people on the street, walking through the phoenix tree leaves covered avenue gives you great feast. On the side of the road sets western-style houses, classic churches, personal gardens and scattered bars and cafes.  

Duolun Road:
 To memorize the past life of cultural celebrities on the streets, you could come here. It is welcome and lively not at daytime but at night. Those who stay here are people who are able to get familiar with each other. The old buildings and the old paths remind you of the past days of Shanghai's prosperity and disorder. The famous clubs and cafes include 1920 Cafe and Old Film Cafe.


Entertainment Places:

Jiuchongtian Wine Corridor
Located on the 87th floor of Jin Mao Tower, it once was selected by American Newsweek as one of the best leisure places in Asia. Here you can sample fine drinks, famous snacks of Vietnam, Indian, Japan etc. and through the windows you can overlook the prosperous night Shanghai, a best place that bring you away from the city noise.
Add: F87, Jin Mao Mansion, 88 century avenue, Pudong New Area.
Tel: 50491234-8787

Manabe Coffee
It is said that in Manabe one can taste the unique coffee that brings out the full flavor of beans. After seated, the waiter will offer you a cup of ice water to help you take away all the other remaining tastes and then a cup of secret-made charcoal fire coffee will be served. It will give you the purest bitter taste, delicate and exquisite feelings of Japanese coffees.
Add: 85 Huating Road, Xuhui District
Tel: 021-64670605 

Pujin Entertainment Center
The best new and famous night club—Pujin Entertainment Center, is located in the podium building of Jin Mao Tower. Designed by Tokyo design corporation Super Potato, the double dance floors are surrounded by translucent glassy seats, where you can more truly enjoy the live show by Los Angeles band MAX TEMPO. Otherwise, you can also go to the dance floor and sway to the music.
Add: F3, Grant Hyatt Shanghai, 88 Century Avenue, Pudong New Area
Tel: 50491234-8731

Park 97
The Park 97 in Fuxing Park is the place to follow the latest vogue and fashion. With highly favorable conditions of quiet environment, wide spread French phoenix trees, Park 97 brings you to a special bar tour. At summer night, staying in the outdoor bar, listening to enchanting music, having a drink of ice beer can be very pleasant enjoyment, a feeling that let yourself free of bustle and pressure.
Add: Fuxing Park, 2 Gaolan Road, Luwan District    

Tel: 021-53832328

1931'S Bar
If you are a person in memory of the past, you should go to 1931’S Bar in South Maoming Road. Stepping into the bar gives one a delusion that he is living in the 30’s old Shanghai, as the bar is decorated by 30’s daily necessities, like old phone, gramophone, super stars’posts etc. Staying in this bar let you fully acquainted with the golden-era shanghai.
Add: 112 South Maoming Road     
Tel: 021- 64725264


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