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Shanghai Metro System (Shanghai Subway)

After Beijing and Tianjin, Shanghai became the third city in Chinese mainland that constructed the metro system in 1990. The first line from New Xinhua to Xujiahui opened to traffic on trial in 1993 and entered into trial operation in 1995.

Up to now, shanghai has constructed 12 lines with a total length over 400 km (rank 3rd in the world) and more than 250 metro stations. Among all the lines, line 5 and line 6 are light rails and others are subway rails. Apart from the 12 lines, there is also a maglev train line.
Most subways’ service hours last from 5 am to 11 pm while the light rails end up running an hour earlier. Line 10 and eastern extension of line 2, as still in trial operation, the service hours of which last from 5 am to 8 pm.

The maglev train line in Shanghai is the first line that ran in commercial mode in the world. It bears the mission of transportation, visit and travel. West starts from Longyang Road Station of Line 2, east to Shanghai Pudong International Airport. The whole line is about 30 km long and designed maximum operating speed is 430 km per hour.

The ticket cost is RMB 3 for the total length less than 6 km, RMB 4 for 6-16 km, RMB 5 for 16-26 km, RMB 6 for 26-36 km, RMB 7 for 36-46 km, RMB 8 for 46-56 km, RMB 9 for 56-66 km. If your subway fares within one month are more than RMB 70, you can get 10% discount for the remaining days of the same month. If you change to other lines, the cost depends on the shortest transfer between the two stations. Transfer to different transports within 90 minutes can get 0.5 yuan discount. So you’d better apply for a public transport IC card when in Shanghai.

Available transfer stations are Xinzhuang (Line 1 and Line 5), Shanghai South Railway Station (Line 1 and Line 3), People’s Square (Line 1 and Line 2), Century Avenue (Line 2 and Line 4), Zhongshan Park (Line 2, Line 3 and Line 4), and Shanghai Indoor Stadium (Line 1 and Line 4). Passengers can transfer to different stations within 30 minutes.

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