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Shanghai History (Ancient Time)

During the era of prehistoric civilization of Shanghai area, the main land of Shanghai suburb was formed. With time flying, Yangtze Delta extended to the seaward and these settlements also extended eastwards gradually in the ancient time.

Shanghai’s abbreviation
If you know Shanghai history very well, you must know two abbreviation for Shanghai: 申(shēn) and 沪(hù). In the spring and autumn and warring states periods, Shanghai area was a fief of Sovereign Chunshenjun(春申君) who was one of the four Gongzi(公子,son of a feudal prince or high official) in that period, so we named Shanghai“申城”(Shen city); In the Jin Dynasty, inhabitants in Shanghai area lived by fishing, therefore they created a fishing tool called “Hu” which is wrote by character “沪”now, so, Jinghu high-speed railway is from Beijing to Shanghai, while Huhang high-speed railway is from Shanghai to Hangzhou.

Shanghai -----A fishing village’s splendid metamorphosis

When we mentioned Shanghai history, to some extent, we'd like to say Shanghai history is a development of a small fishing village. From the very beginning of Chinese dynasties, Shanghai was just a humble small village and was ruled by the neighbor province and county unconditionally, but, Shanghai area have made its way due to its particular superior geographical position.In the middle of Tang Dynasty, Shanghai’s agriculture, fishery and salt industry have developed in a certain way. 
In order to boost this area’s economy and steady the environment of living, for the first time, the central government of Tang set Huating County(华亭县now Songjiang town in Shanghai) which was dominated by Suzhou. This was an important landmark in Shanghai history.
During Northern Song Dynasty, the eastern beach of Huating County had become the main salt field and took on a prosperous atmosphere. Moreover, Qinglong Town (now in Qingpu district, Shanghai) to the north of Huating County became a new business center and titled “Small Hangzhou” for the flourishing vista. At the end of Southern Song Dynasty, Qinglong Town lost its natural position to be a port due to the silt. Therefore, Shanghai area’s trade center shifted to the northeast of Huating County and the name of Shanghai Town appeared on the Shanghai history for the first time and later Shanghai became very important as a port.
The later Yuan Dynasty established Shi-Po-Si(市舶司,Bureau for Foreign Shipping) in Shanghai Town. In 1292, the central government of Yuan Dynasty officially updated Shanghai Town into Shanghai County.In the Ming Dynasty, shops and hotels stood in great numbers, hence, Shanghai had become the well-known city in the southeast of China and Huangpu River became the main shipping channel in this area. Meanwhile, Songjiang region was the national biggest center of textile and handicraft industry.Cotton flowed across the Shanghai region creating a white river of wealth that continued for centuries.  It was in Shanghai that the first factory was built in history. 
Generally speaking, today’s Shanghai canton map was basically formed in the beginning of Qing Dynasty.There was still no city wall after 240 years dated from the set of Shanghai Town. In 1553(Qing Dynasty), an elliptic city wall was quickly built in two months for resisting Japanese pirates. Outside of Shanghai city, there was a moat. In ancient China, a basic layout of a city was city wall and a moat. In 1685, custom department was set up in Shanghai and Sino-foreign business was also allowed. As  an important regional port for the Yangtze and Huangpu River,Shanghai created  wealth for the Jiangsu province and Zhejiang province in business and trade.
At the late years of Qing Dynasty, Sino-foreign business was forbidden and Britain used opium to hit Qing's trade policy.From1840 on, Shanghai Modern history came on to th Stage.

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