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Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe


Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe is a top-level performance group with a long-term high reputation.It is famous at home  and abroad for its splendid performance lineup, complete programs, high-level acrobatic skills and elaborate comprehensive art performance. American ex-president Nixon was invited by Prime Minister Zhou Enlai to see the performance done by Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe when he took his icebreaking visit on behalf of American Government to China. 


It is the autoritative acrobatic group in China. In the past 60 years, Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe has re-created more than 100 programs connected with acrobatics, circus and magic. It is the first commercialized performing troupe performed overseas. In 1974, as the resume and normalization of Sino- Japan diplomatic relations, Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe was sent to Japan to perform as the first Chinese cultural exchange group. Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe has sent more than 100 performing groups to go abroad, such as Japan,America,Canada,Spain, Singapore,Austrilia,etc, and taken a great effect all around the world in the past 20 years recently.

In order to present wonderful performances fthe tourists all over the world, there are nearly 300 showa every year which not including the performances abroad.


Classic Plays:


Jumps from Spring Board Performers
It is the first program of Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe, which well blends the traditional programs of jumps from performers and springboard. It is characterized by innovative forms, high skills and artistic quality. In 1985 Monaco International Acrobatic Competition it was awarded “Monaco City Award”.



Pagoda of Bowls
In French Tomorrow Acrobatics Festival it won the Gold Prize of Paris Mayor. 


It’s a must program of Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe. It won the silver award in the first National Acrobatic Competition, for its creation of several attractive actions. After that, in the second, third and fourth National Acrobatic Competitions it got the Golden Lion Award in succession.





Address: No.549, Middle of Yanan Road, Shanghai, P.R.C


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