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Prehistoric Civilization of Shanghai

Before you start your Shanghai tour, you might have an interest to unfold the map of Shanghai. But, look at the map, have you ever wondered how Shanghai formed and which part was the embryonic form of Shanghai? Don't worry, let's explore the prehistoric civilization of Shanghai together.
Prehistoric Civilization of Shanghai

 a map of Shanghai

The western land of Shanghai was formed 6000 years ago and basically is the land of Qingpu(青浦), Songjiang(松江) and Jinshan(金山)now. When ancient Tai Hu Lake silted, small lakes and marshes emerged as well as small plains. The earliest area of Shanghai was the result of this kind of situation. From then on, until the middle and late time of Western Zhou Dynasty, other land of Shanghai formed very slowly. About 3000 years ago, three districts now such as Jiading(嘉定) ,Minhang(闵行) and Fengxian(奉贤)came out ,too, while other area including downtown now were still under the sea level.
Prehistoric Civilization of ShanghaiPrehistoric Civilization of Shanghai

玉璜(yù huáng), a hanging ornament of Songze Culture

a jade ware belongs to Liangzhu Culture


Prehistoric Civilization of Shanghai mainly depended on archaeology to know people’s life and the development of civilization at that
time.According to the existing achievement of archaeology, the earliest civilization of Shanghai was Mjiabang Culture (马家浜文化)which had a history of 6000 years; the next was Songze Culture(嵩泽文化or 松泽文化) which was 5500 years from now and archaeologists had discovered the earliest human remains of Shanghai in the spring of 2004.Then it was Liangzhu Culture’s turn which had a history of 4200 years. The late time of Liangzhu Culture(良渚文化) was quite developed, especially the jade ware. The relationship of these three cultures was in succession. And the last one was Maqiao Culture(马桥文化) which was 3200 years from now. Some evidences proved that Maqiao Culture was influenced by the culture of Minjiang (Now Fujian province) and Yueshi Culture of Shandong province. When you check some archaeology materials, you should know the area of  early Shanghai civilization may not belong to Shanhai now, maybe in the cities which are very close to Shanghai.But indeed, they are also tthe prehistoric civilization of Shanghai at the point of archaeology.
All in all, the early Shanghai civilization is a part civilization of regions south of Yangtze River. Archaeologists inferred that at the end of prehistoric time, the early Shanghai civilization had gradually been taken in the country of Yue(越) and Wu(吴).

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