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Qufu What to eat


Kongfu Banquet 

Confucian Mansion BanquetThe Kongfu Banquet (Confucian Mansion Banquet) is a high-level banquet that was originally served whenever distinguished guests came to visit the Residence of Confucius or during the birthday or wedding celebrations of dignitaries. Retaining all the essential elements of northern Chinese dishes, it is a most important component of Shandong cuisine.

The banquet can be sub-divided into two classes. The first class is served only to emperors and their special envoys. A complete banquet of this type is composed of 404 utensils and 196 courses. The dishes involved included such rarities as camel's hooves, bear's paws, shark's fins and swallow's nest (燕窝), and would take ten people altogether four days to finish all. The second class is served to common travelers and civilians.

Kongfu Banquet is characterized by such cooking techniques as frying, braising and steaming. Famous courses available now include Shengxian duck, sea cucumber and Yipin bean curd and Confucius red pork stew.

Cakes from Confucian Mansion 

Cakes from Confucian MansionJust like Confucian Mansion Banquet, Confucian Mansion Cakes also have long history. During Ming and Qing Dynasties, the cakes were very popular in Beijing because their quality was much better than conventional ones. Confucian Mansion Cakes are made when ordered, famous because excellent colors, fragrance and shapes.

Traditionally, Confucian Mansion Cakes were for contribution to royal courts. The most famous sort is Fried Date Cake and Thin Cake. Fried Date Cake contains red dates, sesames and millets, the taste is quite sweet; and Thin Cake, in Chinese called Cake that Sticky to Hand, is made with high technique. It is so thin that looks like a piece of paper, but so crispy and delicious.

There are also cakes made from edible flowers of seasons, such as osmanthus, lotus flower, chrysanthemum and mint. The cakes absorbed the aromas of the flowers. When eating, you will feel the outside is quite crispy but inside is very soft. Winter cakes are red bean paste cakes and pork ham cakes. Summer is quite hot in northern China, so fresh fruits are the ingredients for making cakes. Interestingly, a sort of Confucian Mansion Cake is often eaten with a corresponding kind of soup, for example, green bean paste cake is with haw soup, and various kinds of crispy cake are usually with almond soup, longan soup or lotus seed soup.

After China's liberation in 1949, the lofty nobility of Confucian Mansion Cakes has no longer been there. In the past, the cakes were just for emperors and the royal court. Cakes can be available to common people and tourists nowadays.

Qufu Fragrance Rice

It produced in southern area of Qufu. It wafts great fragrance when cooking. The grain is pure white with a little bit green on the head of it. It appears oily and sticky after cooking, but it is fresh and delicious. In old times, Qufu Fragrance Rice was used for people's contribution to emperors.



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