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Pediluvium and Massage

In the Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture, Pediluvium therapy and Massage therapy are important treatments which have ran more than 3000 years. Nowadays, side effects always accompany medicines, so, more and more people advocate natural hygiene. Having advantages in comfortable therapeutic milieu and notable curative effect, Pediluvium and Massage come into vogue in China.


During old times, Lady Yang (a very beautiful imperial concubine of Ming Emperor in Tang Dynasty) tried to keep and improve her beauty by Pediluvium; it was not unique, but had its counterpart: Great writer Su Shi in Song Dynasty also stayed fit and healthy relying on Pediluvium. All in all, Pediluvium played a really essential role in health care in China’s history. Even today, there is still a popular saying in China----The rich take medicines for health while the poor do Lavipeditum or foot massage.
Pediluvium and MassagePediluvium and MassagePediluvium and Massage

foot massage

relationships between feet and a body

a foot massage center in China

Traveling in China, if you have a chance to walk in big cities at night, you will find many Pediluvium(足浴) or Massage(按摩)shops full of customers. With the rapid development of foot massage or foot bath, persons in middle and old age show great special preference to it. In order to meet the market’s request, professional foot bath tub, sofa and medicinal materials appear, thus, Pediluvium walks into homes, too.
Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture believes that different acupuncture points under the feet represent different parts of a body and reflect the healthy problem. It will help to stimulate nearly 60 acupuncture points under the feet via putting feet in tepid water( around 40℃) FOR 30 to 60 minutes.Moreover, it is beneficial to advance vitality movement and smooth channels and collaterals. In addition, it can normalize blood pressure, enhance metabolism, allay tiredness, improve sleep and strengthen immune system. The pediluwium health care therapy divides into the ordinary pediluwium therapy and medicinal one.
Massage, in Chinese, we call it àn mó(按摩) or tuī ná(推拿).Based on theories of zang-fu and jingluo, Chinese massage also absorbs anatomy and pathologic diagnosis of western medicine, then use various massage skills on some special part of human body to regulate it’s situation and gain the aim of physical therapy. It is regarded as the oldest therapeutic method in China. According to the historical records, Bian Que (a famous doctor in ancient China, more than 2000 years ago) cured crown prince of Guo through massage.

Chinese massage in Chinese Medicine channel

Stamp the back----one skill of Chinese massage

massage by blindman


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