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Nanning Travel Guide


Nanning Nanning is the capital of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Nanning is the center of the politics, economics, culture, education, science and technology, finance and information in Guangxi. Nanning is located in the southwest part of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Nanning is near to Guangdong Province, Hong Kong and Macau. Nanning is backing on southwest part of China and facing the Southeast Asia. Nanning is the important bridge city that connected China’s southeast coastal area and southwest inland area. It is also the only coastal province-level capital city in the west China. Nanning is also the central city of Beibuwan Economic Zone, which is a nation-class economic zone. Since 2004, China-ASEAN Exhibition has been held in Nanning for always, besides such an international exhibition is held annually. Nanning has been one of China’s important pioneering cities in coastal area of China. 

Nanning has a long history, and anciently belongs to the Nanning unexploited area; it has more than 1680 years history since it was established as a city-level administration sector. In 634, Emperor Tangtaizong renamed it Rongzhou, so today, Nanning is called Rong for short. In 1314, the central government of Yuan dynasty renamed it Nanning to show the original meaning of stabilizing or tranquilizing the southern area of China.

The downtown of Nanning is located in Nanning Basin, one of four basins in Guangxi. The average altitude is 77 meters and the peak point is 496 meters. Nanning belongs to the southern area of northern tropic of cancer and has the subtropical monsoon climate. Nanning has sufficient sunshine and rainfalls. The annual average temperature is 21.7 Celsius Degree. Nanning has very good greens. It has the title of Chinese Green City. Nanning is the important food-supply base and also the economic-crop production base in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. It is teemed with rice, corns, sugar plant, soybeans, peanuts, tea and flowers. Nanning also has many domestic famous cuisines and different snack, Nanning is the main place for showing Guangxi-style food. The local powder-type food and sticky-rice food are both showing the features of Guangxi-style food. The local unique snacks are Eight-treasure Nanning Rice, Porridge Snack, Eight-Immortal Powder and Lemon Duck and so on.

Nanning, in 1998, was crowned to be China’s Excellent Tourist City by National Tourism Bureau. And latterly it was titled of National Garden City and model-city award for bettering residential environment of Dubai in 2000. Besides, it also won the national reward for its excellent residential environment. Since 1999, Nanning has successfully held Nanning International Folk Song Art Festival for 8 times. Nanning has a very good environment for living, and good cultural environment for leisure. The unique local residential styles and the local folk performance will also please you too much.






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