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Nanjing Food---Bean Curd Vermicelli of Yongheyuan Restaurant


Bean Curd Vermicelli of Yongheyuan RestaurantNanjing Yongheyuan Restaurant was established during the years of Guangxu Emperor of the late Qing Dynasty. It is now located on 122 Fuzimiao Gongyuan Street. Bean Curd Vermicelli with Small Shrimps, Baked Cake of Golden Yellowish Color and Baked Cake with Four Delicious Flavors are among a hundred-odd snack dishes served in this old restaurant and they are loved by customers during its long history.

Bean Curd Vermicelli of Yongheyuan Restaurant is the most famous in Nanjing. Soup is clear with chicken flavor and not oily, the vermicelli is delicately thin and soft, so the feel and taste are excellent. The Bean Curd Vermicelli in Nanjing is prepared by special methods. The lines of vermicelli are quite dry and very soft but they will not be broken. They are made in local bean curd shops with excellent craftsmanship by experienced people, who will add choicest sesame oil and quality soy sauce.

The main vermicelli dishes are Bean Curd Vermicelli in Vegetarian Soup and Non-vegetarian Soup. New kinds of bean curd vermicelli dish have been introduced since twentieth century in Nanjing, where the city has been the capital of China. There are Roast Duck Bean Curd Vermicelli and Kaiyang Bean Curd Vermicelli that served in Muslim restaurants. In conventional Chinese eateries, chefs invented plenty kinds of recipe, including bean curd vermicelli with bamboo shoots, black mushrooms, and chicken etc.



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