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Kunming Festivals and Events

 Join the Temple Fair in Golden Temple

On the 9th day of the first lunar mounth, Mingfeng Hill(Sing Phenix Hill鸣凤山) will be packed with pilgrims, vendors and various ethnic groups, such as Bai people, Pumi people,  Hani people, Dai people, Naxi people, Miao people and Dong people. It is time to have a bite of local specialties, shop for souvenirs and pause to enjoy various eye-dazzling festivities such as singing contest, dance and acrobatics.



temple fair golden temple
 golden temple
temple fair of golden temple



Hunting God Festival of Yi Nationality(彝家猎神节)

From January 1 to 3 (lunar month), Yi Nationality will hold Hunting God Festival in Jiuxiang. This festival involving activites such as singing contest, bullfighting and Yueqin Dance…


hunting god festival of yi nationalityhunting god festival yi nationality 
 hunting god festival of yi nationality hunting god festival of yi nationality


Feed the gull along Dianchi Lake or Cuihu Lake


Located in downtown Kunming, Cuihu Lake is shared by citizens and tens of thousands of sea gulls during each March, April, October and November. Kunming people have developed a special way to feed their feathered pets, rather than throw bread into lake, they put them along the railings, so both gulls and Cuihu Lake will not be poisoned or polluted. Local artists, musicians will stage Beijing opera, martial art or dance. It is time to experience the vibrant and authentic life in southwest China.



cuihu lake



March Third Festival

March Third Festival provides the cheery Kunmingness a chance to go spring outing, stage parties and indulge in various recreation. Western Hill and Golden Temple will be favorable places to see how inviting this festival is. Besides, March Street Fair (San Yue Jie) staged by Bai people is a must-see.


kunming festivalkunming festival




Torch Festival of Yi People

On the 24th day of the sixth lunar month, Yi Nationality will stream into Stone Forest to stage their most important festival: Torch Festival. Each household will prepare enough meat for this festival. Men and women of all ages will dress up. Daytime will see bullfighting and wresting take place, while night will witness a grand bonfire party.


torch festival
kunming festival
torch festival



Watch Impression Yunnan《云南映象》

Time: 8:00-21:50  Monday to Sarturday

Place: No 427. Beijing Road, Panlong District,Kunming HallChinese Address: 昆明会堂(盘龙区北京路427号)

Price 140, 200, 300, 400RMB (different seat)


yunnan impression show
Yang Liping(杨丽萍); the most talented dancer



Watch Elephant Performace in Yunnan Ethnic Village


If you are visiting Yunnan Ethnic Village, do not miss the elephants’ performance which is staged within all year around, though without settled time. You can buy some bananas and fruits to feed these chucky creatures. (If you want to see wild elephants, Wild Elephant Valley is a good place.)



yunnan ethnic village elephant performance


 Kunming International Tourism Festival

Time: May Holiday (May 1 to 5). Kunming Carnival Festival will be held meanwhile, which will last for three days. Local ethnic groups and international performers will stage stunning shows. Kunming will be an ocean of color and happiness at this time.

Place: squares, parks, pedestrian streets in downtown Kunming, such as Stone Forest, Jiuxiang, Yunnan Ethnic Village, Dongsi Street, Biji Sqaure, Jinbi Square, Dongfeng Square, Taoyuan Sqaure, Nanping Pedestrian Street…

Festivities: parade, singing, dancing, water-splashing, long-table banquet.


 kunming festivals
 kunming international tourism festival
 kunming international tourism festival
kunming international tourism festival
kunming international tourism festival
kunming international tourism festival



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